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Top 5 unusual sights in Bangkok – Strange and bizarre in Bangkok

If you've done your proper research of Bangkok and already gotten down a list of popular tourist attractions, then here are completely unusual sights to see in Bangkok.


Forensic Museum

This museum definitely tops the list of unusual attractions in the bustling city. Part of the Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, the museum is known to be gruesome, freaky and just plain, and something you'll definitely be interested in – especially if you're not usually a fan of museums. The museum holds a collection of mummified cadavers of rapists and murderers, especially the country's most notorious serial killer who ate the livers of around 30 children, and that's not even the eeriest part! A part of the museum is especially dedicated to a collection of dead babies – preserved in various stages of their lives, most of which have deformities. You will be able to find various skulls and human bones along with preserved heads of humans. Visiting the Forensic Museum is a definite must especially if you like that sort of thing, however, if you have a weak stomach, maybe skip this museum and visit a history museum instead.


Elephant Building

Bangkok has its fair share of weirdly designed buildings, such as the Elephant building. The Elephant building which is also known as the Chang Building has been recognised as a national landmark in the city, as elephants have long been recognised as a symbol of culture and religion in Thailand. The building stands at 335 feet high and is an urban complex comprising of business offices, a shopping mall, and luxury accommodations. However if you're looking for a boutique hotel in Bangkok to stay at, places like Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit 18 are generally popular with tourists.


The Robot Building

The Robot Building was designed by the same architect as the Elephant building and is as quirky as the Elephant Building. The Building is 83.20 meters high and is another attraction in the city that you shouldn't miss out on. The building is mainly used as the headquarters for the United Overseas Bank, where the robot's eyes are the meeting rooms and dining rooms of the executive suites and the eyelids act as sunshades, while the robot's antennae are lightning rods.


Phallic Shrine

Not exactly unusual – at least to the locals, but a shrine shrouded in phalluses actually exists in Bangkok. The Phallic Shrine is dedicated to Chao Mae Tubtim's spirit that is believed to live within the giant banyan tree near the shrine. Legend has it that the female spirit had granted the gift of a child to a young woman who had asked for it near the tree. As a gift of gratitude, she dedicated a large wooden penis to the female spirit. The phalluses are known to be derived from the Hindu god Shiva and are usually used for protection and sold at markets as a symbol of good luck.


Human Body Museum

Perhaps you can visit the Human Body Museum after a trip to the Forensic Museum. The Human Body Museum is located inside the Faculty of Dentistry at Chulalongkorn University. Inside the museum, there are about 14 bodies in a vertical position and about 130 parts which depict the various levels of dissection, showing a closer look at the nervous system, arteries, muscles and internal organs. Some of the cadavers are neatly cut open to reveal the brain, and you can even touch them!