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Headline for Bizzare Food You Can Eat in Night Markets in Asia If You Dare – Only the Brave Dare Eat After Dark Here
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Bizzare Food You Can Eat in Night Markets in Asia If You Dare – Only the Brave Dare Eat After Dark Here


Stinky Tofu

Stinky Tofu

Richy on Wikipedia Chinese, Stinky Tofu Mala CC BY-SA 3.0

Named as such because of the pungent odour that it emits, this dish is nevertheless a hit in countries like Taiwan and Hong Kong.

This dish often features at stalls and food markets that are set up at night in Asian countries. Ask a local and they will be sure to vouch for the fact that this is one street food with more bark than bite;

it has been said to smell much more strongly than it tastes, which is a good thing, considering that it smells quite rancid, especially to newbies.

Most foreigners tend to like the taste of Stinky Tofu once they've mustered up the courage to try it. It helps that it usually comes with sauerkraut as well as sauce, which helps masks its original flavour as well. 🍣


Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet

Photo via Pixels CC0 License

These are a delicacy in many night markets all over Asia such as those in Korea and Taiwan.

They look gruesome at times, what with the claw-like toenails protruding from the ends, however, are found to be delicious snacks by most locals.

The feet are said to contain very little meat, so don't offer much in the way of calories or bulk, so are basically counted as a grazing food to eat in between mealtimes while walking around, watching a movie or chilling with friends over some alcohol at one of the roadside food and beverage stalls. 🐓


Chicken Heart

Chicken Heart

Chicken Heart skewers by Alpha via Flickr , (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Asians really do know how to make use of every part of an animal. Besides from the popular street food of chicken feet, another hit at Asian night markets such as those in Taiwan, are Chicken heart skewers.

This meat tends to be chewier, of course, than the more mainstream parts of the bird which are usually eaten in the western world, such as the breast of thighs.

Heart skewers aren't the only thing on the menu, though; you can also order chicken liver, intestines, and womb, for example, to be skewered and grilled for you. In places like Japan, you can also get famous dishes like yakitori, which literally translates into 'grilled chicken' which are made from the usual meats such as chicken thighs to those make of heart muscle.

So making good use of all parts of the bird seems to be a common theme across the orient. 🐓💗


Want More Information?

Want More Information?

Photo via Pixabay , CC0 Public Domain

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