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Microlearning WK4 #InSyncHub @blendedlrnhub

Three Considerations to Help Maximize Microlearning Initiatives

@hubcurator: Microlearning is not haphazardly created, as this Rite Solutions article undescores. To ensure its impact, microlearning must support learning performance goals. And as a such, assessment should be centered on actual skills and knowledge application...essentially, on-the-job performance.

How Do Students Respond to Microlearning?

@hubcurator: This piece from the International Institute for Innovative Instruction presents important data on how microlearning affected student engagement and learning in a statistical math course. It not only demonstrates microlearning's impact, but offers assessment methods you might consider when designing content.

Report: Microlearning Is 22% Better Than Long-Form Training

@hubcurator: A study of microlearning's impact shows that short content drives over 20% more information retention than long-form training. In this article from Grovo, we learn about a study in Germany that demonstrates the relationship between smaller chunks of information and learners' heightened retention rates.

How to Make Microlearning Matter

@hubcurator: This article from the Society for Human Resource Management shares companies' positive results of microlearning, as well as offers development strategies that include ways to build assessable elements into microlearning treatments.

Why Standalone Microlearning is the Wrong Way to Approach Training

@hubcurator: In addition to describing why microlearning elements should not stand alone, this Training Industry article discusses the importance of measuring microlearning's impact on job performance.

@hubcurator: If you need convincing about the benefits of microlearning, delve into this comprehensive study that demonstrates how it improves learning and application toward enhanced business results.

@hubcurator: This Educause Review article reports and builds on research to measure the effectiveness of microlearning that uses social media.




@hubcurator: If you are wondering how to determine the impact of microlearning on learning outcomes, take a look at this project model. With clearly defined objectives, outcomes, and anticipated results, the course instructor can monitor learner engagement in terms of skills and knowledge gained.

Micro Learning as Innovative Process of Knowledge Strategy

@hubcurator: If you ever need a microlearning assessment framework and sample results, thereof, definitely take a look at this comprehensive research study, presented in the International Journal of Scientific & Tecnology Research.

Can Micro-Learning Help Stressed, Unmotivated Learners? | Bottom-Line Performance

@hubcurator: How to best know whether microlearning is working? Have a learner let you know! In this blog post from Bottom Line Performance, a learner responds to a set of parameters for driving engagement in a microlearning. He notes how the treatment aligned with each item to determine its impact and benefits.