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Three Guidelines for Meaningful Microlearning

@hubcurator: "Just because microlearning is smaller or easier to digest doesn’t mean it’s better for learning," argues Ellen Burns-Johnson in this eLearning Learning article. She lays out the ingredients for quality microlearning: defined learning goals, evidence of skills development, and flexibility in approach (there's not one "right way" to use microlearning).

Free eBook: A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning - eLearning Industry

@hubcurator: This Allen Interactions e-book gives you what you need to know about microlearning, from what it is, to the best way to implement it, to great examples. Use this guide to jumpstart your microlearning campaign.

Research-based Principles of Instruction Applied to Workplace Learning

@hubcurator: If you are about to dive into microlearning, but aren't 100% sure of its value as a learning tool, research might convince you. This blog post from 3-Star Learning Experiences provides evidence that can guide the development of microlearning around key instructional principles.

How Microlearning Can Achieve Learning Objectives

@hubcurator: How can microlearning add to your learning campaign? Let's count at least seven ways, which this Training Folks article presents. Greater learner engagement, quicker transfer of knowledge, and heightened retention are just a portion of microlearning's impact.

Microlearning: Strategy, Examples & Applications | eLearning Mind

@hubcurator: eLearning Mind explains the basics of microlearning, as well as strategy, examples, and applications that accentuate its uses and benefits.

@hubcurator: This Cornell University ILR School article shares some useful data about the impact of blended learning-including microlearning-on classroom and online environments. Regardless of how the training rolls out, the author Alex Avery astutely recommends that learning environments be multi-faceted to address organizational changes and needs. Microlearning is a great tool for meeting that change.

9 Microlearning Techniques To Use In Instructional Design - eLearning Industry

@hubcurator: If you've started incorporating microlearning into your learning campaigns, you are probably ready to up your creativity level with some new tools and tricks. In this eLearning Industry post, you'll get so many fantastic ideas that you might just develop learning nuggets for the heck of it.

Training Industry Magazine

@hubcurator: Don't let anyone you know poo-poo microlearning...especially if they don't have the facts. This Training Industry article lays out the truths of microlearning, dispelling myths that undermine its benefits and structure.

Microlearning Techniques Ebook

@hubcurator: What is microlearning? And what isn't? How do you use it? And other questions...all answered in this Allen Comm e-book. You'll find out, among other things, figuring out if microlearning is right for your organization. And if yes, where it fits on the Learning Lifecycle, and how to put in place development strategies.

You Don't Know My Life

@hubcurator: Need microlearning examples? Here are some to take a look at, thanks to microlearning guru Ray Jimenez. Grab some java, sit back, and watch these short, informative clips. Reflect on what you've learned. Are you energized by possibility?

Why Video is the Best Medium for Microlearning

@hubcurator: Video, according to this eLearning Industry article, tops the list of tools used for microlearning. If it is short, well-produced, and accessible, it can support learner retention and transfer of knowledge. And, learners can create videos to demonstrate that they have actually learned something.

@hubcurator: Curious about standard lengths of microlearning assets you might inlcude in your blended learning campaign? Look no further than this rich infographic (with rather charming illustrations) for the timing of tools that include podcasts and videos.