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Leverage the Natural Synergy of Mobile Learning and Microlearning

@hubcurator: Don't live in the stone age of learning and development. Put mobility and microlearning at the forefront with this essential report from Docebo. With people frequently-and with limited time on their hands-accessing mini-lessons on their smartphone or tablet gives them the engaging "just in time" learning they need.

Why Does Micro-Learning Mean Better Learning? - Tip #129

@hubcurator: In this Vignettes Learning article, we see why microlearning is so appealing. It effectively delivers "work-based need for knowledge." And with mobile devices, learning can take place anytime, anywhere, and at any pace; and it is easily recalled, retrieved, and applied.

Master Microlearning Infographic - AllenComm

@hubcurator: This Allencomm infographic gives you the lowdown of microlearning, from who uses it-and why- to why it is a great learning tool. If you master microlearning, you gain more employee buy-in and better overall results by focusing on short, relevant, engaging content.

Think Small: 8 Commandments of Bite-Sized Learning

@hubcurator: “A bite-sized learning module is NOT just a short course." That's what Karla Gutierrez emphasizes in this piece from Shift Disruptive Learning. Microlearning appeals to learners who prefer chunked down content to longer e-learning courses. To make sure that these mini-learning moments capture learners' attention, you have to keep eight design principles top of mind.

Is Microlearning a Myth?

@hubcurator: There's no question that micro-learning components can offer effective learning preparation or reinforcement. However, in this ATD article, you'll find four situations where you should use more robust learning solutions to build learners' depth of knowledge and fluency.

Why Microlearning is HUGE and how to be a part of it - eLearning Industry

@hubcurator: Microlearning has blown up! Check out this eLearning Industry article to learn why. And to review "commandments" that can drive the microlearning you create for a new generation of learners.

How Microlearning Helps Create a Training Ecosystem Infographic - e-Learning Infographics

@hubcurator: Microlearning as an ecosystem? Yes, according to this helpful e-learning infographic that shows how each microlearning piece feeds into a larger part of your curriculum to change behaviors and improve performance.

The Latest Approach to Employee Training

@hubcurator: How do you grow employees' shrinking attention spans? By offering them short digital lessons to access at their convenience. This Wall Street Journal article looks at microlearning tools currently produced and used for corporate-skills training. Note that microlearning doesn't replace face-to-face or long-form elearning training; it bolsters their impact.

Micro Learning - Breaking Down Learning Content

@hubcurator: When long-form training gets to be a bit much for learners, microlearning can fill knowledge gaps that meet learning goals. Microlearning is all about breaking up traditional courses into bite-sized chunks. This Qnnect piece outlines four principles that guide the effective design of these learning nuggets.

Micro-learning Through The Mobile Platform: Is That Where Learning Is Heading?

@hubcurator: It's clear: learning on mobile devices is 100% doable. That's why microlearning is in. And its plusses are substantial, as this eLearning Learning blog post reveals.

Training Industry Magazine

@hubcurator: Microlearning IS NOT a fad, according to this enlightening Training Industry article. Not only is chunking complex elearning material trending, it is how people want to learn. This piece counters other microlearning "myths" in ways that ultimately encourage you to build these nuggets into your learning events.

Microlearning: How Educators Can Learn From Athletes » mLevel

For decades, athletes have been using microlearning, technology, and data to train effectively and perform better. It’s time for the education industry to catch up to the field of athletics when it comes to understanding the impact data can have on human performance.

Why Adopt Microlearning - 15 Questions Answered - eLearning Industry

@hubcurator: Want to know Why Adopt Microlearning? Explore these 15 questions on microlearning covering its definition, benefits, usage, impact, and why you should adopt it.