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Updated by Gary's Quality Automotive on Oct 09, 2020
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Auto Repair Shop Grand Island NE | Gary's Quality Automotive

Useful tips for buying new tires at Gary's Quality Automotive Shop

Consider your environment, quality, and warranty when deciding to buy new tires. Don't put up with tire repair any longer

Brake Repair Services near Grand Island, NE | Brake Shop

Quality Brake Repair needed? Get your Brakes Serviced at Gary's Brake Repair Shop. We're Located at 3703 W Old Potash Hwy, Grand Island, NE 68803.

Don’t Avoid Engine Rebuild for your Car to fix your Engine Problems!

If you avoid your routine engine service, you may be looking at a pending engine rebuild. Don't dealy in scheduling your engine repair to resolve your engine issues

Don't Avoid Needed Tire Service Before Your Road Trip!

Taking care of needed tire repair issues before road trip. It helps to improve your vacation fun. Schedule a tire service today at Gary's Quality Automotive

Find Expert Auto Repair in Grand Island NE | Gary's Quality Auto Shop

Need Expert Auto repair near Grand Island NE? Schedule your Tire repair at Gary’s Quality Automotive Shop at 3703 W Old Potash Hwy, Grand Island, NE 68803.

Make sure you check your tires before going on your road trip!

Tire service before a road trip is critical for driving safely on the road. Don't find yourself in a strange town looking for an urgent tire repair service

Tire Repair and Maintenance: Delaying How Much it Costs for New Tires

Regular maintenance & tire repair will delay having to buy new tires. Ask your auto shop about how much it costs for new tires. Call us today!

Gary's Quality Auto Shop: How to Save on Car Battery Replacement Cost?

If a bad car battery is not replaced, a driver will face other car issues. What a car battery replacement cost is less than putting out money on repair.

Are you Wondering How much do starters and alternators cost?

For more information about starters & alternators, call your auto mechanic. Be sure to ask how much do starters cost before having any repair done on your car

Auto Electrical Repair Grand Island, NE | Car Starters near me

Get your auto electrical system repaired at Gary's Auto Shop. We're located at 3703 W Old Potash Hwy, Grand Island, NE 68803. Call 308-381-2295

Ask your Mechanic: "How Long Does Car Repair Take?"

Having the car serviced performed at the right intervals can save issues later on. Be sure to ask your mechanic about how long does car repair take

Find out How to Save Money on Oil Changes in Grand Island

A quality oil change will keep your car running smoothly for many miles. It’s worth the cost! Call Gary’s Quality Auto Shop today for oil change coupons.

Want to Know How Many Miles Does a Car Battery Last?

Generally, a car battery will last for about 5 to 6 years and about 30,000 to 50,000 miles before needing to be replaced.

Ask your Mechanic How long does car maintenance take?

Take care of 3 simple vehicle maintenance items before winter arrives. Make sure to ask your mechanic about how long does car maintenance take

Ask Your Mechanic Where to Buy a New Car Battery!

If you're wondering where to buy a new car battery, ask your mechanic at Gary's Quality Automotive to advise you about the right car battery replacement.

Do You Know How Much Does Car AC Repair Cost?

Call Gary’s Quality Automotive to find out how much does car ac repair cost. It’s not too late to take care of a needed car ac service before winter.

Do you Know What is the Purpose of Car Struts & Shocks?

Call your preferred auto shop to know more about what is the purpose of car struts. You may need to schedule an inspection of your car shocks.

Wondering How Often Do Brake Rotors Need to be Replaced?

If you are wondering how often do brake rotors need to be replaced, call your mechanic at Gary’s Quality Automotive for advice about brake pads & rotors

How to Tell if You Need New Tires in Grand Island NE

Don't put off a quick and easy tire service if you think it's time to replace your tires. Make sure you know how to tell if you need new tires.

Wondering What Happens If You Don’t Service Your Car?

Don’t find yourself wonder what happens if you don’t service your car. You will be calling your auto shop sooner rather than later for car repair issues.

How Does New Tires Affect Gas Mileage? | Gary's Quality Automotive

Ask your mechanic if new tires can affect gas mileage. They will be happy to help you choose the right kind of tires for your vehicle and offer discounts on quality tire service.

Photos - Take A Tour! | Gary's Quality Automotive, Grand Island, NE

Take a tour! View photos of our staff, exterior, lobby and more at Gary's Quality Automotive | Located at 3703 W Old Potash Hwy, Grand Island, NE 68803. Call 308-381-2295

You May Know these 6 Warning Signs of a Bad Alternator!

If your vehicle is having starting problems, it may be starter, battery, or alternator. Ask your mechanic to let you know about signs of a bad alternator.

Worried About How to Know if Car Battery is Bad?

There are three common ways how to know if car battery is bad. If these signs are frequent occurrences, it is time for a car battery replacement.

Take a Look at these 5 Car Maintenance Myths!

Do you know the truth about vehicle maintenance? Ask an auto repair expert at Gary’s Quality Automotive to know about car maintenance myths

  • Gary's Quality Automotive is a full service Auto repair shop providing Quality car service in Grand Island and the neighboring communities of Wood River & Doniphan. Here At our car repair shop we work hard to take special care of your vehicle including diesel, hybrid or foreign or domestic car repair needs. Bring your Vehicle at our ASE Certified Auto Repair Shop at 3703 W Old Potash Hwy, Grand Island, NE 68803. Schedule your appointment today by calling on 308-381-2295.

    Make your visit as convenient as possible. In addition we do our best to keep your vehicle in great shape – so it’s safe and dependable.

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