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Best HIIT Workouts for Abs To Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Do you train your abs but see no results? Try one these HIIT abs workouts that will surely helps you to bur that stubborn belly fat.


Jump Rope Hiit Training for Abs

My favorite equipment for cardio is the jump rope, and I usually combine with my abs workout. This video is a good example how to do it. Jump rope for 30 sec and then do one exercise for abs with 10 seconds rest. In this plan, there are 4 combinations. Repeat the entire routine for 3-5 times.

High-Intensity Interval Training Cardio & Abs

With the help of this routine, you can not only train your entire core but also develop your cardio thanks to the high knees exercise. You can burn 150 - 250 calories with the help of this 20-minute routine.

Full Body High-Intensity Workout At Home

This routine is not for beginners as well. Even if this is a full body training, several exercises are added to focus on the abs. It comes with bodyweight and dumbbells exercises and lasts for 1 hour. Not easy, but it will surely support your weight loss and develop your endurance.


22-Minute HIIT for Abs & Oblique

22-Minute HIIT for Abs & Oblique

This is a medium level routine that trains all parts of your core muscles. You should do each exercise for 30 seconds followed by 15 seconds rest. Try to repeat the entire circuit twice or free times depending on your fitness level.



Killer Quick High Intensity Ab Workout

Killer Quick High Intensity Ab Workout

If you have no time for a workout, you can quickly train your midsection with this program. You do not need any equipment, just make each of the moves for 30 seconds with 15 sec rest. Make at least three rounds.


Fat Burning HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout

This is the HIIT for stomach fat that I do on those days when I have no time to work out. This plan is quick and efficient working my total body thanks to the burpees, push ups, etc. Also, there are many great exercises for abs such the bicycle crunches, leg lifts, plank, etc. There are 10 activities in total that should be done for 40 seconds with a 20 sec rest.


Core HIIT Workout

Core HIIT Workout

This routine consists 4 supersets. Each superset should be done for 4 times before moving to the next one. I love it because abdominal muscles focused exercises are combined with powerful cardio ones such as jump rope, running, etc.


Dumbbell Core Workout

This is a tough one, not just because you should use dumbbells but you should make the moves for 1 minute with only a 10 seconds rest. This workout is 30 minutes long so get ready for something really hard. You don't have to use heavy hand weights, though.

Barbell Core Workout

Are you bored with doing the same abdominal conditioning all the time? You will love this routine! You will learn barbell exercises from this video you may have never done before. I have tried them, and I felt how efficiently they engage all parts of the core. I make an HIIT for belly fat from it doing each of the exercises for 60 seconds without rest. Then, I have 1-minute rest and the circle again for 2-3 times. It also excellent to develop your strength.

12 Minute Upper Body & Abs

This program will not only shape your midsection but also your arms, back, chest and shoulders. You do not need any equipment since only bodyweight moves are done. Also, it includes punches that help you to release stress.

30 minute HIIT Core Workout

An advanced cardio and core HIIT routine to strengthen all your muscle groups and burn fat.

15 Minute Ab Workout - At Home Core Training without Equipment

15 minute core workout with the most beneficial best HIIT exercises for abs for strong and lean midsection.