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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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List of reasons to visit Maldives – Need we say more?

The bright sun, pristine white sandy beaches of Maldives are calling out your name. Can you hear it? If you can't yet, here are some unbelievably great reasons why you should visit Maldives.



If you're packing your bags to Maldives, then you best be packing some snorkelling gear as well, as a trip to the islands without snorkelling, is a definite crime! If you're staying at a popular Maldives holiday hotel, you'll be able to rent out snorkelling equipment so that you can spend the entire day snorkelling and exploring the wonderful and colourful marine life that thrives beneath the warm azure waters that surround these picturesque islands. Marine life is so abundant that you'll be able to spot various types of fish and other marine creatures. Snorkelling is an easy and fun activity and should definitely be the first thing you try!



Although you may need to do a couple of short course before practising open sea diving, it is definitely worth the time! Most hotels such as Kuramathi Island Resort offer diving courses that will prepare anyone to dive through the deep ocean waters. Divers will be able to see sea turtles, whale sharks, black tip and white tip reef sharks, manta rays and even hammerhead sharks! Do keep in mind that as you will be in foreign territory, listen carefully to your diving expert's instructions and don't try to interact or get too close to any marine creature.


Underwater dining

Of course it's possible! Dine with the beautiful marine life – maybe order something less fishy if you're the squeamish type, just in case you see your dinner swim by! You have the luxury of dining under water; imagine how cool that would be?!


Underwater spa

Another win! With an underwater spa, you know it's not just your body that will feel refreshed and relaxed. It's your mind and senses too! Feast your eyes on the breathtaking view of the deep blue as you see the hustle and bustle of the marine creatures! However if you rather not be underwater all the time, there are many other spas that are on land, which offer equally refreshing spa treatments with a breathtaking view of the ocean or the garden!


Submarine tours

Are you scared of snorkelling or diving, or just being anywhere within close proximity to fish and other marine creatures? Here's your solution: submarine diving! You can embark on a whirl wind tour of the sea world without even having to get wet. This activity is great for families travelling with kids as even the little ones can experience the wonders of the sea without worrying about their safety. The submarine will usually dive to varying depths, where you will be given the chance to look at thriving coral reefs, caves and ship wrecks!



Out of the many islands in Maldives, only a handful of them are inhabited, which means there are quite a few islands where you can choose to head to – provided your hotel choice gives you this option. Guests can choose to spend a night on this uninhabited island or simply enjoy a romantic meal.