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Most Fascinating Restaurants around the World – Interesting Eats

These Asian dining establishments are sure to leave a lasting impression on any diner, but more so for their ambiance rather than solely for their fare.


Reaching for the Sky

Reaching for the Sky

Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr , (CC BY 2.0)

Dine with your feet dangling up in the air with the 'Lounge in the Sky' series that is run by the Dinner in the Sky franchise.

Not for the acrophobic (those who are afraid of heights), it originated in Belgium but has now been run successfully in over forty-five countries including Japan, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, the US, India, Australia, South Africa and Dubai.

Does this concept blow your mind as it has so many others'? Check out online sources such as The Dine and Wine, one among several online travel blogs that offer a lot of information on interesting dining destinations the world over. 🍽💨


In Die Krankenhaus

The 'Krankenhaus' is the German term for hospital, which is the theme that this restaurant follows.

From the nurse outfit garbed waitresses to the IV drip tubes through which your drinks are refilled, the Taiwanese D.S Music takes its health care theme very seriously indeed.

Although, it's anybody's guess as to what its names have to do with its striking theme.

Nevertheless, this restaurant definitely belongs in the restaurant guide for the bizarre and quirky. 🏨


Counting the Bars

Counting the Bars

Always wanted to know what a little jail time felt like? In that case, head for a meal at the Devil Island Prison Restaurant in China.

It's safer than trying to commit a felony just to end up behind bars. The servers here are all clad in the criminally incriminating black and white stripes of convicts, and patrons are enclosed by jail bars which they can count to pass the time while their food arrives. 👮


Ready for Take Off?

Ready for Take Off?

While the general consensus on plane food is anything but positive, this restaurant seems to be made for those unique-minded and stomached individuals who do actually like eating a thousand miles or so up in the air.

Most people don't particularly enjoy mile-high dining due to the lack of appetite that comes with travelling at such altitudes, combined with the relative tastelessness of the food at that atmosphere; nevertheless, as mentioned above, there are individuals for whom these issues seem to apply less than others.

Nostalgic of being served inside an airline, this restaurant's plane-themed décor comes complete with tiny, oval shaped windows just like you would expect to find on a plane. ✈️

The food is served in trays which have compartments for an assortment of mini food containers, just like what you are offered in the air. So sit back and chew on your food as you reminisce about mealtimes on your last flight at Taiwan's A380 In-Flight Kitchen.


Down the Drain

Down the Drain

By riNux [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy a nice steaming bowl of noodle soup? The Marton Theme restaurant in Taiwan will serve it up to you in a toilet bowl; positively charming.

For those of you who are either entirely comfortable with associating food with well, the facilities, or get a weird thrill out of it, this restaurant may be something you will enjoy. Surprisingly, this restaurant seems to be quite popular.

This is probably owing to the great selfies that you can click away for those social media accounts as well as the novelty factor of the squeamish dining concept. 🙄