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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Apr 11, 2017
Headline for Get Stoned: 10 DIY Crafts You Can Make with Stones.
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Get Stoned: 10 DIY Crafts You Can Make with Stones.

Stones give any craft a beautiful, earthy look. They can be used in anything from home decor to fashion accessories. Check out these crafts inspired by rocks!

DIY Earthy Rock and Fossil Fridge Magnets

Rocks and fossils collected on the beach are simply transformed into
functional, rustic and beautiful magnets for the fridge.


Heart-shaped treasures found on the beach inspired this nautical décor
piece: a DIY rocks and sea glass mobile for the wall.

Day-Brightening Painted Stones Tutorial | The Postman's Knock

This painted stones tutorial will brighten not only your day, but also the day of anyone who stumbles across your creations! An easy, quick project.

Tic Tac Toe Valentine

One of my boys favorite things to do is collect stones whenever we go to the lake or the woods (or someone's driveway...ya know). Malacai is usually the biggest culprit for having his pockets loaded with stones that he just NEEDS to keep!  And I'm constantly finding them around the house, tucked in…

Metallic Stone Thumbtacks + $25 Target Gift Card Giveaway! - Homemade Ginger

Make these metallic stone thumbtacks by using stones and spray paint!

How to Make a Pebble Trivet

Don’t just admire those expensive pebble trivets in the store—create your own! Learn how to make a pebble trivet using cork, adhesive and stones!

Herb & Vegetable Garden Labels-DIY

Perfect for your spring garden!

Craft & Creativity – Pyssel & DIY

I wanted to make something else with the pebbles I picked on our vacation and then I remembered a craft idea that I spotted on GardenMama’s blog. More specifically using transferable images (rub-ons) on stones. It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Do like this: Start by cutting out your rub-on, place the image over your stone, rub with a wooden stick (ice cream stick for example) and your done.

Crocheted Stones - Flax & Twine

When my mother’s birthday popped up on the horizon, I thought–what a perfect opportunity to finally try to make these. This post will be a spoiler for her if she reads my blog as often as I think she does. Surprise Mom!  I hope you like them.  Sandy, my husband’s, response was typical–what is that for?? But, my husband tends to think that way–all about the practical, none about the aesthetic.  I think they are beautiful.

Making your own beach stone buttons

Nice button pics :)A better drill bit to use would be a diamond-tipped hollow coring bit (for a dremel or similar tool) I get mine at RioGrande.The hollow bits go through the stone faster and are less likely to break the stone because you don't have to put as much pressure on them :)Oh! and drill the stones under water!! That helps keep the bits sharp longer and keeps the stones from heating up!