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Extruder Supplies

Extruder Supplies is a reliable distributor of high-quality parts, components, and control instruments for the plastic extrusion Industry. The company, operating since 2004, has made its mark for itself by providing quality products according to the Official Website:

Major Applications of Gefran Pressure Transducer in Various Industries

Gefran Pressure Transducer is the best in the industry; these pressure transducers are useful in every field. The pressure transducers can also be used electronically variable pressure switch. The Gefran pressure transducers are built using quality materials that are designed according to the latest demands in the market.

Eurotherm & Extruder Temperature Controller: Advanced Configurations for Heating Appliance

Extruder Supplies offer high-end temperature controllers for the heating process. The extruder temperature controller and eurotherm temperature controller is available on the Extruder Supplies online store. As the name suggests temperature controllers maintains a set temperature level using input from the sensor, or other devices.

High Performance Extruder Thermocouple And Other Spare Parts for Plastic Industry

Purchase high performance extruder thermocouple and other extruder spare parts for plastic industry at cost-effective prices. Extruder thermocouples are very innovative and are manufactured using the latest technologies that make extruder spare parts a standout performer from the rest.

Heater Wire: High Resistant Heater Wires to Match Heating Industry Standards

Buy online high resistant heater wire. Extruder Supplies deliver high resistance heater wire to the clients at cost-effective prices. Extruder Supplies has been in the industry since 2005 and is offering quality spare parts to the plastic industry.

Heater Wire: The Effective Heater Wires According to Industry Standards by Extruder Supplies

Extruder Supplies is always provided the testimony of offering only quality heater wire for the heating and other industries. Extruder Supplies two different types of heater wires, the TGGT heater wire and the MGT heater wire. Both these wires come with different gauge sizes and maximum amperages. The heater wires are available at Extruder Supplies online at cost-effective prices.

Eurotherm Temperature Controller: Get More Output, More Flexibility & Save More Power

Extruder Supplies provides a wide range of excellent quality Eurotherm Temperature Controller at pocket-friendly prices. The company is dedicated to excellence by providing Total Heating Solutions to plastic processing and other vertical industries.

Extruder Spare Parts like Adjustable Depth Thermocouple are a Necessity for Extrusion Industry

Extruder Supplies is a reliable distributor of high-quality spare parts, components, and control instruments for the plastic industry. The company is operating since 2004 and has made a mark for itself by providing quality products according to the industry requirements. Check the website to know more about adjustable depth thermocouple and Extruder Spare Parts.

Precision Gefran Pressure Transducers for Industrial Appliances

Gefran is a key pressure transducers manufacturer in the plastic industry. Even the Gefran Pressure Transducer is required in every industry for their appliances. Gefran Pressure Controller and Gefran Pressure Transducer can be purchased on Extruder Supplies. Extruder Supplies since 2005 is offering heating solutions to the plastic industry, the end-users, and as well as the OEMs.

Extrusion Burst Plugs: The Perfect Device for Pressure Relief from Extruder Supplies

Extruder Supplies presents wide range of extrusion burst plugs. Rupture plugs are the most commonly used pressure protection devices in industrial plants. They protect vessels and pipelines from deformation and other damage.

Extruder Spare Parts: Extruder Supplies Fulfills the Extruder Demands for the Industry

Extruder Supplies provide high-performance extruder spare parts for their extruder, as well as replacement extrusion parts for various equipment. It is one of the leading companies in California, which fulfills the demand for spare parts in the plastic industry.

High Temperature Heater Wire for Pressure Appliances

Get high quality heating wire from Extruder Supplies. Extruder Supplies have the internal and wire and cabling solutions for a demanding environment. The high-temperature cable is ready to perform in your equipment applications.

Eurotherm Temperature Controller Improves Efficiency & Minimize Waste

Eurotherm temperature controller is a easy to us technology with powerful operation. The controller provides a new level of user convenience. Scrolling text messages deliver plain language messages to let operators and engineers alike know exactly what is happening to the process.

Gefran Pressure Transducer: A Device to Measure Electrical Signal

Extruder Supplies offer the most demanding and specification loaded pressure transducers and controllers for the industry. A full range of Gefran pressure sensors is available with Extruder Supplies at cost-effective prices.

Extruder Thermocouple - A Next Generation Extruder Spare Parts Available Online at Extruder Supplies

Buy high quality extruder thermocouple and extruder spare parts at the website of Extruder Supplies. Extruder Supplies is an extrusion company working in this plastic industry since 2005 offering excellent Extruder Spare Parts for the plastic and heater industry. Extruder Supplies have put many efforts to get the replacement parts with exact specifications, to Original Equipment Manufacturer standards.

Eurotherm & Extruder Temperature Controller Boosts Efficiency And Productivity In Appliance

Extruder Supplies offers excellent quality eurotherm temperature controller control unit at relatively fair prices. Various series of temperature controllers are available on the Extruder Supplies online store. The best part about the Extruder Supplies product is that these are available at cost-effective prices.

High Resistant Heater Wire for Changing Plastic Industry Demands

Purchase the high resistant heater wire from Extruder Supplies. Extruder Supplies is the leader in providing quality heater wire for the plastic extrusion industry since 2005.

Benefits of Buying Heater Wire from Extruder Supplies

Quality heater wire has the tendency to withstand high temperature for continuous power supply to various integrated units for superior performance. The efficiency of a heater depends on its heating wire, with effective heater wire installed in the heating appliance the life span of the heater will increase.

Certified Digital Eurotherm Temperature Controller Available on Extruder Supplies

Eurotherm temperature controller is available with Extruder Supplies. Extruder Supplies has a decade of experience in providing world-class process control supported by continuous research and development program to ensure their solution meets modern challenges faced across a wide range of industries.

Gefran Pressure Transducer & Controller: Your Innovative and Efficient Solution in Plastic Industry

Gefran Pressure Transducer. Extruder Supplies offers only effective and quality pressure controllers that meet the standards of the plastic industry. All these Gefran pressure transducers are available at the Extruder Supplies online store. The Gefran pressure controllers are available at cost effective prices.

Well Tested Extruder Spare Parts for Production Environment

The high-quality Extruder Spare Parts for various appliances are available at Extruder Supplies online store at cost-effective prices. The Check out all advanced and effective extruder spare parts at the Extruder Supplies online store.

Select Eurotherm Temperature Controller for Flexible and Creative Solutions

Buy Eurotherm Temperature Controller. Extruder Supplies provides a wide range of excellent quality temperature controllers at pocket-friendly prices. The company is dedicated to excellence by providing Total Heating Solutions to plastic processing and other vertical industries.

Gefran Pressure Transducer Ticks Every Criteria for a Superior Pressure Transducers

The Gefran pressure transducer is the most effective transducers in the plastic industry because of pressure transducers are specially manufactured to function at the top level. A pressure transducer often called a pressure transmitter, is a transducer that converts pressure into an analog electrical signal.

Extruder Spare Parts are Required for Achieving Optimum Production

Get Extruder Spare Parts, at There are many advantages of extruder spare parts and this can’t be ignored. In the meantime, feel free to contact Extruder Supplies with any Extruder spare parts question and requirement that you have.

Heater Wire Available on Extruder Supplies Provides a Consistent Resistivity in the Appliance

High-quality heater wire available at Extruder Supplies. Heating wire has a high resistance and resists oxidation. It can withstand a high surface load. Other considerations that make wire beneficial are its ability to resist sagging and deforming while being light in weight.

A Full Line of Extruder and Eurotherm Temperature Controller at Extruder Supplies

Extruder Supplies provide excellent quality of Eurotherm temperature controller control units at affordable prices. With two package sizes and multiple output configurations, the controllers are suitable for twin and single screw extruders, both for heat only die and adapter zones, and heat/cool for barrel zones. The controllers can also be used in an indicator of the only mode, allowing one instrument to be used for all applications.