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Best of Sadhguru's interviews and speeches

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is an Indian yogi, poet and New York Times Best Selling author. He was recently conferred the Padma Vibushan for his contribution towards spirituality. He founded the Isha Foundation, which is involved in various social and community development activities. An inspiration to many, he has a huge fan following of his own. Check out some of these videos to know why....

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times - Deepak Chopra and Sadhguru, moderated by Ms. Chandrika Tandon

Discussion between Deepak Chopra and Sadhguru about Ancient wisdom in modern times in Bharath Vidhya Bhavan, New York, moderated by Chandrika Tandon.

Sadhguru's Top 10 Rules For Success

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is an Indian yogi, mystic, philanthropist and author.

Is Marriage Necessary? Sadhguru

Sadhguru discusses various aspects of marriage and spirituality.

Sadhguru interviewed on ABC News

In this riveting interview on Australia's ABC News, Sadhguru answers questions about current affairs, the economy and human well-being. Starting with a quest...

Of Love and Life - Juhi Chawla In Conversation with Sadhguru

In an episode of the In Conversation With The Mystic series, Sadhguru has a lively and insightful discussion with actress, film producer and former Miss India..

Sadhguru's talk on global Education and Skills

Global Education and Skills Forum 2017: Each year the Global Education & Skills Forum brings together world leaders from the public, private and social sectors...

Solutions for Global Wellbeing – Sadhguru in Conversation with Annette Dixon at World Bank

In this conversation, Sadhguru and Annette Dixon, World Bank Vice President for the South Asia Region, discuss solutions to bring wellbeing to the world

Who is a Good Student? Who is a Good Guru? - Subhash Ghai in Conversation with Sadhguru

Sadhguru explains about the qualities necessary for someone to imbibe the spiritual process. Sadhguru Talks @ In Conversation with the Mystic, Subhash Ghai

Is Kamasutra Pornography? - YouTube

Sadhguru answers about the Kamasutra and its misconception as pornography, and explains that India was a culture without morals. Sexuality was just another another aspect of life, and Kamasutra was not written as pornography, but rather as a textbook on sexuality.

Superb Message by Sadhguru to Depressed people

You just listen to him for few minutes every day, your life will be much better. You may not need to agree on everything the Sadhguru says but, it will make a big difference in your life if you are receptive to his Prabashanam ...

How to Live Happily?

Addressing a group of students and faculty at the IIT campus in Chennai, India, Sadhguru answers a question on how to maintain joy and happiness regardless of the external circumstances.

The Role of a Parent

What is the role of a parent in today’s world? Sadhguru reminds us that nobody has ever known the best way to be a parent. However, by spending sufficient time to work on yourself, and by creating an atmosphere of joy, love and openness, you can do your best to help children grow up well.

How to Control Stress - Sadhguru and Arianna Huffington

Stress is not a part of our lives - it is our inability to manage the body, mind, intellect, and life energies. Sadhguru explains that it is these inner dimensions of ourselves in friction that create stress. Through bringing our bodies and minds to a more peaceful state of function, one can overcome the stress-induced afflictions.

Sadhguru on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight: INTERVIEW

Yogi, mystic and philanthropist Sadhguru was in the red chair to explain his outlook on life. And death.

Indian Spiritual Guru @ TED India 2009 - Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Story of his enlightenment, his mission. At the INK Conference in association with TED at Mysore.

Parenting: Raise Yourself Before You Raise Your Kids

Sadhguru looks at how a child needs a friend, not a boss. If we enforce our ideas upon a child, he will lose his sense of independence, and this could result in rebelliousness later on. Once you become a parent, the most important thing is that you have to be 100% straight. You just have to protect them from the wrong influences, the rest let them free, he says. At the same time, they should remain free from your influence, he points out.

How Do You Handle Teenagers?

An anguished parent asks, "How should one deal with teenagers?" Here's Sadhguru's answer! Sadhguru Talks @ Meditator Sathsang, Mumbai, Jan 2015

Rapid Fire Round – Karan Johar with Sadhguru

Sadhguru’s refreshingly personal responses to a volley of “rapid fire” questions launched by Karan Johar reveal some lesser known sides and views of the Mystic. From an “In Conversation with the Mystic” event on 4 June 2017 in Mumbai.

Sadhguru - 3 Things we MUST do every morning - Sadhguru Best Speech 2016

Sadhguru - 3 Things we MUST do every morning - Sadhguru Best Speech 2016