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Web Development is changing day by day so it's very important to stay updated about new web technologies. Topdevelopers Presents The web technologies list here so that you will never miss any update in software and web development front-end and back-end technology such as React.js, jQuery, Kotlin, Ajax and so on. Here we Provide details of the best web and software development agencies that can fulfill all your business requirements efficiently.


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An extensive list of web & mobile app development companies, by considering various platforms and aspects of development, along with their ratings and reviews at

11 Reasons To Choose AngularJS For Your Next Project | TopDevelopers.Co

These 11 compelling reasons to choose AngularJS as your front-end development in a web development project, it increases web developers productivity.

The Essential Elements of a Great Mobile App Landing Page

After all the talk about first impressions being the last ones, every right-minded business owner acknowledges the importance of a great landing page in a mobile app. Whether you are looking to generate some buzz before app launch or trying to promote an app already launched, a dedicated interactive landing page is a concise showcase of what your app is capable of.

A landing page is a web page for your mobile app to which web traffic is directed to. It is a targeted web page created to promote your product or service. It is a point-of-entry for the user’s journey with your mobile app and must highlight your app’s features and value proposition so that visitor wants to download and install instantaneously. There are subtle elements that make a landing page stand out among others. Here is a list of all the essential elements of a great mobile app landing page...

Top Web Development Frameworks to Opt for in 2019

The digital presence matters! In the competitive world, having a website is not enough to increase customer reach, engage the customers, and boost conversion. Instead, keeping the site abreast of the latest trends and tools is vital to stay relevant, updated, and sync with the modern users’ needs.

The continually evolving frameworks play an essential role in web development companies effortlessly building the website that’s feature rich, and interactive without reinventing the wheel. But, considering the changes occurring in the web development frameworks is significant because these frameworks can make the website future-ready and minimizes the chances of decreasing turnover.

Again, with the broad spectrum of frameworks in the web development jungle, the development team falls victim to the “Paradox of choice” that makes it difficult to decide which one is better and also using the wrong framework bring worst results. To better guide the developers with the right framework, the list of front-end and back-end frameworks is prepared that enable best-in-class development.

Here’s the quick rundown of the web development frameworks that will be the best picks for the developers in 2019.

Fixed Cost Or Hourly Rate: Which Pricing Model Is Best For Your Project?

Getting an ideal answer to how much your project will cost is impossible. But, it needs to be hammered out from the starting to avoid future conflicts and the challenges. There are a few factors such as the company’s operating procedure, goals, and contracted requirements while signing the billing contract that is taken into account to determine how much it will cost to develop the app.

Basically, there are two pricing models – Fixed cost and Hourly rate, which are mostly preferred by the service seekers and service providers across the globe. The businesses or individuals who partner with an IT outsourcing service provider spend thousands of dollars to develop the required solution. Here, working on a defined budget is crucial, and the reliable IT outsourcing companies provide a better value for your money.

Hold on! Before looking at the points that help you in finding the perfect fit for your company’s project, let’s first understand the basics of the two pricing models.

How you can Design an Engaging UI/UX for a Progressive Web App

Still baffled whether you need a mobile application or a website for boosting brand awareness? Well, why not get a progressive web app that can serve both the purposes?

Progressive web apps are perhaps the future of web development that can actually engage the targeted audience for your business without any trouble. Since most of the users are accessing the internet from their mobile phones and tablets, it becomes crucial for you to deliver rich user experience in all aspects.

With PWA (Progressive Web Application), one can be sure enough that the user gets an adequate interface of a mobile application but through the website alone. Yes, you can deliver light-weight mobile app experience to the audience that accesses your website through a smart-phone. The initial thing that requires adequate consideration is the designing UI/UX of a PWA that helps in bumping-up generate organic traffic on your website.

Here are some quick tips that would lend a hand in designing an eye-catching UI/UX for improved client engagement.

How Startups can Boost Business Conversion with their Websites?

Any modern business, irrespective of the offline or online operation knows the importance of having a website to communicate and engage with their clients and the prospects. Without a web presence, modern business operation is practically unthinkable. A website literally stands as the face of any business brand now and just like your store-front you need to take all care to make it look appealing and engaging.

For a business startup, the importance is even more crucial as, unlike large businesses, it is likely to operate with minimum resources while always competing with the leading brands of the niche. The vast majority of businesses now heavily depend on generating search engine traffic and converting them to business revenues.

Question is, how can startup websites ensure steady business conversion through their website? Whether you hire a WordPress development company or some expert Magento eCommerce developers for your startup, this is the question you need to face. Well, by learning from the leading businesses that beginning as a startup grown to formidable brands on the online space, here we are going to explain the key areas that any startup website should give attention.

Native Apps vs Progressive Web Apps: What is Better for You?

The choice between Progressive Web Apps and Native Apps can be difficult, so we will help you make a decision by discussing the advantages of both PWAs and native apps with clear and easy to understand explanations.

Top 10 Reasons Why to Choose Python Web Development Project

Python has been around since the 80s for web, software, and mobile development projects. In fact, for the last five years, Python programming language is standing firm among PHP, Java, C++, ASP. NET, and many more.

Python web development is easy to learn for beginners. Some people believe that Python development is an old way of programming. Conversely, this web development language survived well and today it ranks number one.

Python is a dynamic language and varies from Python software development to Python mobile development. Also, it is easily usable in any platform, including data science, IoT, AI, and ML, runs everywhere; such is its compatibility with modern technologies.

Let's know in details about Top 10 Reasons Why to Choose Python Web Development Project.

How to Create a Good Website: 7 Important Steps

A good-looking website is one of the key factors for your success. Although developing a website requires quite a lot of time and effort, you can get more clients through the Internet search.

The leading web development companies agree that process of website development can take from several weeks to a few months, depending on its complexity. So, in order to save your time, we provide you with seven vital steps in creating an attractive website.

Creative Website Design Techniques to Improve Conversion Rate

Electronic commerce is a profitable source of income for many companies. These days, almost all companies try to fascinate the targeted customers with a website and generate leads/sales. As a good number of entrepreneurs leap into the world of online business every year, the competition for market share and business opportunities is very high.

All website owners must always keep in mind that people trust what they see more than what they hear. Our brain is so arranged that it processes visual information ten times faster than text. Therefore, attractive websites catch the attention of a large number of users easily. Their owners get a lot of business opportunities. On the other hand, obsolete websites displease users. Owners of such websites experience tremendous loss in the business sooner or later.

How to design websites that can help in lead generation? Let’s find out.

The Role of AI in evolving Web Design and Development

The history of web design may be short, but it’s definitely eventful. From the first rudimentary text-only webpages of the 90s to the flashy designs of the early 2000s and to the minimalist flat designs of the 2010s, web design and development have changed a lot and continues to be a dynamic industry.

So, what’s the next step in their evolution and what can we expect from the websites of the future?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already revolutionized many industries – finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and digital marketing just to name a few. It was only a matter of time until AI started to be incorporated into web design and development and, although this new technology is still in its infancy many experts argue that AI could be the next big thing for websites.

Similar to the other applications of AI, the technology in web design and development is all about boosting efficiency, improving functionality, and making things easier for both professionals and end-users.

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How is a Mobile App better than a Mobile Website?

A mobile app is a companion. A mobile website is a compatriot. The personalization aspect is the line standing between a mobile site and a mobile app. Is one better than another? Is there exists a choice between the two? The choices are a matter of options. The options enhance our chances to make better, informed decisions. Let’s take the discussion as a case of options, not competition.

The leading App Development Service providers approach the subject based on case-specific requirements. In the world of mobile computing, every missing option is the fortune that has gone bad. Our knowledge or appreciation of extra services provided to the audience could take time to come to terms with capitalizing on the concept of first building a contact (Mobile website), and then engaging (Mobile app) them.

The end goal justifies the means. It’s a matter of convenience, what would you want to have first- mobile website or mobile app. The ever-increasing mobile app downloads bring an early end to the discussion. We need to enter the uncharted waters to focus on the importance of each of the benefits of the mobile website and mobile app, respectively.

Node.js vs PHP: Which Technology Is Better for Server-Side Development?

A comparison between PHP and NodeJS - the best for server-side development, guiding businesses & web developers to make a decision based on the project requirements.
Choosing Node.js would enable you to build highly scalable and fast I/O sensitive projects. On the other hand, if you are looking to develop a project on a much smaller scale using a piece of dedicated web technology, then PHP would be a great choice.

Now, since they are both rivals, it naturally leads to the question, “Which is better?” To answer the question, we will take a look at both Node.js and PHP as separate programming languages with their individual pros and cons. We will also present a brief comparison to aid us in settling this debate.

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What are the common mistakes that web designers make?

Everybody makes mistakes, and when it comes to web designs, you might end up making bad ones. Website design can be intricate if it is not done in a planned manner. Creative web design increases traffic to your website and boosts conversion which in-turn generates chances of better revenue. You need to make money from your website as well as it should be appealing. One of the common mistakes that an organization does is they want the main focus on designs rather than concentrating on conversions.

Some common web design mistakes are listed here and best to avoid.

Quintessential Website Redesign Tips, tricks & best practices to follow in 2020

A survey found out that a staggering 4 out of 5 users do not prefer to visit a website that is not updated. Unattractive Website hurts your web traffic big time! Nobody likes to visit a haphazardly designed website.

An attractive design is an important aspect of Web Development. In this article, we will discuss about why your website needs to be redesigned and how it can help your business branding? Also, we will provide information on how to upgrade your website design and development to make your Website more appealing and consequently improve your web traffic.

Python Vs. PHP- The Tug Of The War! Which Is Better To Opt-In 2019?

If you have ever packed in a room with developers and want to be a center of controversy, just declare one language is better than another for backend development. Banners will be raised and soon the discussion room will turn into a battlefield where different developers will be crying for distinct languages that power the front-end and forms the backbone of the website.

Getting the answer for the perfect back-end language is troubling for every business, even when they restrict the discussion to the popular and widely used languages such as .Net, PHP, Python, Ruby, or Java to build the website from scratch.

When we look at the web development trends of the last two years, a steep upward trend is witnessed in PHP and Python. Both are considered as the top contenders for the crown of backend programming languages in the hotly contested web space. The Great War between PHP and Python doesn’t seem to end earlier, which makes it difficult to find a clear winner and readily embrace the language.

Here, the one-to-one comparison of the two- Python and PHP will help.

Java Vs Python: Who Bear The Palm In The Tug Of The War?

The comparison, be it of two objects, ideas, or technologies is a thief of joy, but at the same, it’s necessary to identify the perfect ones that match with the goals of businesses or individuals. Similarly, the story of every programing language is unique and incomparable. It’s like the sun and moon that shines but at different time.

However, when it comes to development, the programmers are in the race to create bigger and better apps for the universe, where the selection of one programming language can make or break the success. The selection battle is not less than the top rivalry of Coke and Pepsi where each of the two brands excels in different aspects, have their existing fanbase, and leverage different strategies to stay on the top.

The case of age-old Java and Python is no different where the two languages have managed to survive amidst the advent of new languages and frequent updates. Again, it’s a coding battle, where one defeats other and only one will be declared as a winner.

So, how the developers make this decision? What’s will be the basis of the decision? How one language outweighs other in terms of technical difference, tools, community, innovation, and a lot more? Let’s dive in to get the answer to every possible question.

Mobile-First Approach: The key to building a Responsive Website

Mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic in 2018. It is a paradigm shift in the approach of users.
This trend was envisioned much earlier by global search giant Google.
In November 2016, Google announced that it is going for a mobile-first approach for indexing the search results. Why would Google do that? You see, Google realized that most of the searches on Google were being directed from Mobile devices. While most of the websites were not optimized for Mobile back then, hence people who used to search on Mobile did not have an excellent experience. To change this, Google decided to make this significant shift in its algorithm.
Hence websites that are optimized according to the mobile platform will be at an advantage in terms of ranking on Google, as compared to desktop-only sites. In this new world order, Mobile is the new king, and a mobile-first approach will help you in reaching more customers. Let us see how.

Top Custom Software Development Companies

Are you looking for Top software development companies? Don’t worry; we have got that covered for you. We have put-forth the list of the best software developers from around the world. The companies will provide you with state-of-art and fully functional software development services. Custom software development companies listed in possess the expertise that enables us to develop high-quality software applications and fulfil all the essential needs of your business. The list of leading software development agencies have highly efficient teams that will keep track of all the upcoming software technologies so that they can develop better software for you. Our list will be your ally in finding the best software development firms and help your business in the long run.

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Are you looking for the best web & software development companies in India for your company’s website development project? India is considered as the front-runner in software & web development services due to the availability of limitless talent pool. However, due to the fierce competition, it is not easy to identify the best web developers. Get the list of top website development companies, here! has created a list of software development companies in India after thorough research and analysis of the expertise and reputation. So, now you can rest all your worries with about finding genuine developers in India.

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Top Ajax Development Companies | Hire Ajax Developers -

A thoroughly researched list of top AJAX developers with ratings & reviews to help find the best AJAX development companies around the world.
Here is the list of proficient AJAX development service providers. TopDevelopers has keenly fulfilled your requirement and brought in the list of expert AJAX developers in the market to assist you for your next big project. The top listed AJAX development companies on TopDevelopers can provide smooth and highly interactive web development companies for you by the reviews and ratings of the companies are analyzed carefully to get the visitors the genuine AJAX development service they are looking for.
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