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Sophie Alex School of Dance

Dance Classes for Melbourne Dance Lovers

Are you passionate about learning to dance and are looking for suitable dance classes in Melbourne? Sophie Alex School of Dance is where you should go right away as it is a school set up by a professional dancer out of her dedication and love for dancing. At this place, one can get expert dance coaching from professional dancers.

Ballet Dance Classes for Kids

Are you looking for experienced dance teachers who passionate about to teach different forms of dance to your children? At Sophie Alex School of Dance, the team of dance instructors are teach dance forms in funny and friendly way. So, children may more involved and choose their style of dance in positive and benificial environment. To find out more about our lesson plan or schedule call us today!

Kids Ballet Dance Classes

At Sophie Alex School of Dance, they have qualified teachers to teach ballet dance to students of all ages throughout Brighton. Our team of expert have excel in teaching boys and girls classical ballet, Jazz, and Theater Craft styles of dance. To know more about ballet dance classes call us today on 0431 753 162.

Ballet Dance Classes for Kids in Frankston

Does your children started showing interest in learning how to ballet dance? At Sophie Alex School of Dance we have a experienced team of performing different forms of dancing. Our aim to offer dance school experience to children of all ages. We offer different styles of dance like classical ballet, jazz, and theatre amongst others. Call us today to book your child in for their first session.

Ballet Classes By Qualified Teachers

Nowadays, you can find many dance classes, schools, studios opening in the recent time. Besides, they hire qualified teachers for teaching different dance forms to the kids and young adults. Hence, it is necessary to figure out why it is mandatory to enroll in ballet classes by qualified teachers. You have to be sure whether a qualified person is teaching you dance or not.

Professional Ballet Classes Are Important

There are many forms of dance practiced by people all around the world. Ballet is a dance form that has been around for over 400 years. Often, it is said that learning to dance is like building a house from scratch. One cannot simply start adding roofs and doors; the foundation of the building has to be built first.

Become A Professional Ballet Dancer

There are a wide form of dancing styles and Ballet is one of them. Ballet is a form of dance through which a performer reflects a piece of music, tell a story, or express a mood through body movements. This graceful yet highly technical dance form was originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of 15th century and is now taught in numerous schools around the world.

Join a Ballet Dance Class

How would you love to dance after turning on music after a day of hard work? Isn’t it good and relaxing? Yes, definitely it is. Now if you expect to have a more formal experience regarding dance then it is prudent that you join a well-known Ballet dance classes & school where dance students are taught to be proficient in the dance form.

Learn Ballet Dancing From A Professional Classes

Cultural activities are embraced in every part of the world, and this holds true in case of ballet dances. Ballet dance form is such an acclaimed dance form, and so popular for the graceful dance movements and beautiful steps in the dance, that people love watching ballet specifically for the love of entertainment.

Professional Ballet Classes Black Rock

At Sophie Alex School of Dance, we are passionate about to teach the ballet dance to the age of children, we always ensure that our students can develop their interest in dancing with right attention and care. We offer ballet classes as per the age of the students which appropriate for their age and skill level.

Find Your Love for Dancing

It’s the only rhythmic exercise that is complete in itself and amplifies mind and body coordination, it’s not just an exercise but also joyful, entertaining way of attaining happiness and pleasure.

Choose Kids Ballet Dance Classes & School

Experts agree to the fact that dancing is an activity which is liked by many irrespective of their age and gender. Above all it is said to be the most entertaining activity for kids.

Find Good Hip Hop Instructor Near Your Location

Are you interested in learning hip hop? Whether you are a student or a homemaker or a professional, now you can too learn hip hop dance. In this digital age, Hip Hop Dance Classes are also given online for the working professionals.

Ballet and Hip Hop Dance Classes Highett

Are you looking for a fun and social way for your children to learn with ballet & hip hop Dance in Highett? Sophie Alex School of Dance is passionate about helping children learn beautiful and expressive forms of dance. Get in touch with us on 0431 753 162 to join our professional Ballet and Hip Hop Dance Classes in Highett

How To Choose The Best Kids Dance And Ballet Classes

There is a lot of variety of dance class which is now available. This could range from classical dance classes to contemporary or jazz or salsa or ballroom dance classes and even ballet dance classes.

Dance Classes Langwarrin | Sophie Alex School Of Dance

Looking for fun and friendly dance classes in Langwarrin? At Sophie Alex School of Dance we strive to create a positive and encouraging learning environment. Contact the Sophie Alex School of Dance now, Call Sophie on 0431 753 162

Kids Ballet & Hip Hop Dance Classes Rowville

For kids dance, hip hop dance & ballet classes in Rowville, come to the fun and friendly Sophie Alex School of Dance. Contact us on 0431 753 162 to enquire!

Hip Hop, Ballet and Kids Dance Classes in Lyndhurst

Sophie Alex School of Dance is the best kids dance classes in Lyndhurst. We teach multiple dance forms like hip hop, ballet, jazz and many more. For enquire call us on 0431 753 162.

Hip Hop Dance & Ballet Dance Classes Cranbourne

Searching for dance classes in the Cranbourne area that are strong, comprehensive and custom fitted to your ability? Sophie Alex School of Dance offer a variety of classes, fundamentally suited for children, spanning styles as diverse as contemporary, hip hop and jazz, to name just a few. Contact us on (04) 31 753 162 to enquire!

Hip Hop Dance Classes Frankston

Enrolling them for Hip-hop dance classes for kids will be one of the best decisions you can make on your kid’s future. Your kid does not have to be an old Hip-hop dance to attend this class. He will be guided from A to Z including every minute detail. Childhood is the best age to teach a person about something. Therefore, make the wisest decision for your kid and secure his future a better one!

Best Ballet Dance Classes For Kids

Choosing the ballet dance as your very first option. As stated in numerous surveys and researches some children are there who just love dancing in their growing age, some of the dance experts. Contact us on (04) 31 753 162 to enquire!

Premier Dance School Narre Warren

Sophie Alex School of Dance, all in a fun and supportive environment. To insure that your kids get the greatest out of each lesson, our teachers will work exactly with them to make sure they completely follow each change and suggest comfortable everywhere the class. To speak to a member of our team about enrolling your child in one of classes call us 0431 753 162 today!

Best Dance Schools Black Rock

Dancing has always been an interest of all kids. Parents should encourage their child to take up more and more forms of dancing. A right and best dance school along with proper curriculum, trainers, environment, and equipment for your child can do wonders and make a big difference.

How Can Hip Hop and Ballet Dance Forms Be Beneficial

Apart from hip-hop dance form, ballet dance depicts a story through the movements of the dancer and music. If you are looking to make your career or just want to improve the line, posture or alignment of the body then you should join hip-hop and ballet dance classes. There are many benefits to hip-hop and ballet dance classes.

Dance Classes Balaclava

Most of our lessons are designed to help kids up to the age of 13 find their feet on the dance floor, but we do offer beginner lessons to adults who have always wanted to experience the thrill of dancing for themselves. To learn more about our available dance classes, Balaclava parents can call Sophie today on 0431 753 162.