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Simple Ways to Lose Weight

There are endless tips and tricks to help you lose weight, but here are some of the important ones. If you implement these simple ways to lose weight, you’ll have most of the bases covered. Make these easy changes, and enjoy watching the pounds come off


Ways to Outwit Your Appetite

You might not have to be smarter than a 5th grader in order to outwit your cravings and urges to eat junk food! Just follow these simple tips to outwit your appetite. Read More


Why Did You Just Eat That? Why We Eat

The study of Emotional eating is all about why we eat. Maybe you had had a rough week at work, and all you want on Friday night is to plop down and watch a movie with a giant bowl of buttery popcorn. Maybe you’re a student stressed about a big exam, and you’re munching on candy as you study. Or maybe your child’s birthday party is coming up and you’ve bought an ice cream cake to serve a small army to celebrate. Happy or sad, up or down, there’s a plethora of research that tells us our moods will often dictate the foods we choose to eat. Read More


Time-Boxing For Food Cravings

I have a new tool for you to try out if you’re having trouble with food temptations.
It’s called “TIME-BOXING.”
If maintaining discipline all the time feels too overwhelming, or feels like too much deprivation, you can take baby steps towards cutting back on the unhealthy foods in smaller chunks of time — a “time box”. Read More


Emotional Eating

Emotional eating affects your diet’s success. It’s estimated that less than 10 percent of those who make weight loss resolutions actually keep them. Every year, tens of millions of people promise themselves they will lose weight, and while their intentions are good, most of the results are disappointing. Even if weight is lost initially, people usually put it back on – and often more! Studies show the more weight you lose, the lower your chances of keeping it off. Read More


Losing Weight And Toning Up For Women

For losing weight and toning up (and keeping the weight off!), you have to follow a program that combines a healthy diet and effective exercise. In order to do this, you need a balanced regime that includes smart nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, resistance training and cross training. Here’s what you need to know to to lose weight and tone up. Read More


Why Losing Weight Is So Hard

By now you probably know that a high-sugar diet contributes to weight gain by adding calories without adding nutrition (“empty calories”), by increasing appetite and desire for more sugar, and by elevating insulin levels that promote fat storage. Read More


Other Names for Sugar – Hidden Sources of Sugar

Learning other names for sugar can help you stay away from sugar in its many forms. Sugar comes in many different names. Cutting back on how much sugar you eat isn’t easy if you’re not aware of how sugars can be disguised on the list of ingredients. It’s hard enough to stay sugar-free even when you know what you’re trying to avoid! Below are some hidden sources of sugar. Read More


Plant Protein Power – Good sources of vegetable protein

Plant protein isn’t as efficient a protein source as animal protein because, in general, plant proteins are low in one or more essential amino acids. “Low” however, doesn’t mean “not there.”
Amino acids in plants are like letters in a Scrabble bag. There are a pile of E’s and S’s, but very few X’s and Z’s. In order to get more of the essential amino acids (the X’s and Z’s) from plant protein, we need to eat a lot more of it. Read More