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Updated by daria-khmelnitskaya on Apr 06, 2017
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Best Ruby on Rails CMSs

To run a blog or manage content of a website, it’s best to use a ready CMS solution. What follows up is a short comparison of seven best Ruby on Rails CMSs.



Refinery CMS

Refinery CMS

a super-advanced Ruby on Rails-based Content Management System that sets an industry standard for all CMSs built with Rails. Besides having great interface and many settings, Refinery comes with a plethora of extensions that provide many generic functionalities.


Locomotive CMS

a progressive Rails-based CMS that suits not only individual bloggers, but that can be used for implementing corporate blogs as well. Locomotive CMS is a hosted solution, meaning it’s possible to run a blog in a matter of minutes – such option isn’t available even with Refinery CMS.


Camaleon CMS

a modern CMS with broad functionality. Camaleon CMS, along with Locomotive CMS, is another great solution and a real competitor to Refinery. Camaleon comes with plenty of features to help us rapidly develop a feature-rich blog.


Alchemy CMS

a typical CMS with the least advanced functionality if compared to the previous three Rails-based CMSs. Although Alchemy requires a little bit more fine tuning than Camaleon, Locomotive, or Refinery, it’s still a solid solution that uses a great text editor TinyMCE.


Spina CMS

a young and small yet very promising Rails-based Content Management System that ships with a likeable interface and many basic features a blogger would want to see in a blogging engine.


Comfortable Mexican Sofa

a CMS designed for web developers. Comfortable Mexican Sofa supports many languages, provides the possibility to mirror website versions, and many others. Notably, Comfortable Mexican Sofa provides an own template engine.


Radiant CMS

a entry-level Rails-based CMS with simplistic interface and a handful of features. Radiant isn’t the best CMS for a typical user and is rather designed with web developers in mind. Conceptually, Radiant CMS is close to Comfortable Mexican Sofa.