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Cold Spring

Get all the information you need on Cold Spring Advisory and its owner Louis Ottimo by going online. Cold Spring Advisory claims to be the largest stock loss recovery firm in the nation.

Be Careful Who You Trust For Stock Loss Recovery

Before you hire any stock loss recovery firm, it is always better to read online about it and see if there are any red flags that you should be aware of. Cold Spring Advisory is one such firm that you should research before trusting.

Louis Ottimo Uncovered

Louis Ottimo, who is alleged to be the shadow president of Cold Spring Advisory has a littered history of fraud. His appeal to counter being barred from securities industry failed this year, and he is officially barred from the industry for life. In 2016 he filed personal bankruptcy.

Be Safe From Fraudulent Stock Loss Recovery Firms

For people that do not want to be scammed by the false promises of fraudulent stock loss recovery firms, there are certain signs that they can notice which will help them be safe. These include regular calls from a firm with no initiation from your end, asking for upfront fee payments and finally self-promotions

Cold Spring Advisory is a stock loss recovery consulting firm that has been in the news for quite some time now. There have been claims against this firm, and its owners, regarding false promises and a dubious history.

How to Protect Yourself from Stock Loss Recovery Shams

Stay safe from stock loss recovery scams by following certain steps. These include staying alert about the latest notices published in the FINRA newsrooms, checking up on the feedbacks given by others online and using the internet to conduct thorough research.

Staying Safe from Fraud Stock Loss Recovery Firms

If you too want to stay safe from stock loss recovery fraud, firms that prey on your wanting to recover lost investments, beware of Cold SPring Advisory Group, who meet all the FIRMA red flag warnings.

Should You Trust Cold Spring Advisory?

A lot of red flags have been raised against Cold Spring Advisory Group and its shadow president, Louis Ottimo, in the past few year. There is information about this firm and its previous cases online to help people make better judgements when looking for a reliable stock loss recovery firm.

Information about Louise Ottimo

A lot of information that has been discovered about Louis Ottimo, and his family, and their connection to Cold Spring Advisory. Most of these things include certain red flags and thus, should be looked at carefully before doing any business with the company

Points to Be Safe From Investment Recovery Scams

Any stock loss recovery firm that asks you money upfront, calls you rout of the blue or is too full of self-praise needs to be carefully researched before you can trust it. This can help you be safe from investment recovery scams and fraudulent firms

How To Avoid A Stock Loss Recovery Scam?

There are a number of stock loss recovery firms out there today that are nothing but scam. In order to be safe from such firms you need to conduct proper research and avoid paying upfront fee at all costs.