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Tips To Become a Top WordPress Developer - TD Web Services

Before we even start on the checklist, let us first get some things straight and make no mistake about it: becoming the best and the top WordPress develop is going to be hard work – very hard work. It will take a whole lot of your time energy and will test your patience and determination. So if you are looking for an easy way to the top, then you are mistaken and in the wrong track altogether. Being the best is extremely hard and statistically, the odds will be and are stacked against you. But this is not to mean that it is not doable.

How to Choose Your Hosting Provider? - TD Web Services

The only thing permanent in this world is change. You must keep this in mind when you choose a hosting provider. You must be able to grow within a hosting environment. Many businesses and individuals have suffered because they have not catered for growth while taking a decision. Here we will discuss challenges you are likely to encounter and how to cope with them.

How to Install SSL Certificates - TD Web Services

The SSL certificates are useful as they encrypt and thus protect data. This makes them invaluable for organizations or people who have to deal with credit card information, ID’s and social security numbers, pass-codes to sensitive databases and accounts as well as other highly secured private information that should not be in the public domain. In order to set up Secure Socket Layer, in short (SSL), you need, not only an SSL Certificate from a Certificate Authority, but also a dedicated IP address for your site.

Magento Two Level Caching Systems - TD Web Services

The default setting on Magento enables it to use a two level cache backends from the zend framework. This means that the system stores its cache records in two different backends where one is the faster and yet limited one while the other is slower. The faster alternatives include APC and Memcached while the file system is the slow one. The backends have unique features that make choosing them a rather important part of the process. The APC and Memcached for example do not support grouping the cache entries, as they are key/value cache backends. The files system and Redis however allow you to group the cache entries.

Installing Wordpress on Centos 6 - TD Web Services

WordPress is an open source tool for website and blogging. This tool operates on php and MySQL and currently includes over 22,000 plug-ins. They enable you to customize it to your specific needs. The first step to installing WordPress is in ensuring that your server has LAMP. You must also have root privileges or necessary administrator rights, if you are to install WordPress as per the directions in this guide.

How Can Start-ups Add Value to IT Services Companies

Krishnakumar Natarajan, Executive Chairman at Mindtree, spoke to the Entrepreneur India about the nuances of collaboration between start-ups and IT services companies.

GHOST: glibc vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235) - TD Web Services

A potential security vulnerability was found in the glibc library, which has been assigned CVE-2015-0235 and is commonly referred to as ‘GHOST’. All versions of glibc shipped with all variants of Red Hat Enterprise Linux are affected.

#4 Reasons Why It Is Necessary To Have A Credit History

You may own umpteen accounts. But you will not have a credit score, if they have remained inactive for months (or years).

The Google Penguin is Back, But Does It Say Anything New? - TD Web Services

Google Penguin visits once a year and this is the third appearance. Needless to say that many website owners tremble at the arrival of humble Penguin because it can change their fate – either take them up or drop them down the search rankings. Fortunately, Penguin updates affect only a fraction of websites and only those which play hanky-panky with their sites.  The idea is to avoid getting punished by the Penguin. Here are some well-known techniques to avoid getting hit by Google algorithm updates and especially Penguin 3.0.

Can Sustaining A Small Business Be More Daunting Than Sustaining A Start-Up?

It is nurtured by young achievers with a zeal to excel and the confidence to take on any challenge head on.