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Batteroo Inc.

Batteroo Boost is groundbreaking battery sleeve that fits simply over disposable batteries and extends your battery life by providing into all the power that is available. Batteroo Boost’s is patented technology that is intended to work with disposable batteries on a wide range of devices.

Batteroo – Extend you battery life

Batteroo Boost sleeve is a revolutionary product that helps extend your battery life and maximize its performance. To know more about Batteroo visit their website today -

Batteroo Sleeve – Alkaline Battery Booster

Batteroo Boost sleeve is a ground breaking battery life booster that extends the life of alkaline battery and helps improve its life. This helps in conserving energy and e-waste leading to a green and healthy environment. To know more about Batteroo products visit:

Batteroo AA Battery Booster Sleeve

Batteroo Boost sleeve helps extend AA battery life exponentially that maximizes its performance. With Batteroo AA sleeve don’t bother about replacing battery just because they got discharged. To know more visit :

Batteroo AAA Battery Booster Sleeve

Batteroo AAA battery sleeve improves AAA battery life and helps optimize its performance. Using the unique Batteroo AAA battery sleeve you can easily maximize battery performance. To know more visit

Batteroo C Battery Booster Sleeve

Batteroo C battery sleeve is an innovative battery life extender which not only extends battery life but also improves C Battery performance. To know more visit:

Batteroo D Battery Booster Sleeve

Batteroo offers a groundbreaking D battery booster sleeve that extends D battery life and also revive dead D battery to give most optimum result. To know more about it visit

Batteroo – Battery Recycling for Green and Clean Battery

Batteroo boost sleeve not only extends or maximize battery life but also helps in battery recycling and promotes green battery. With the help of Batteroo you can contribute in clean battery energy. To know more visit:

Batteroo – Restore Dead Battery and Get Extra Battery Life

With Batteroo boost sleeve you can not only restore dead battery but also optimize battery life. If you are wondering how to make dead batteries work, then use Batteroo boost sleeve. To know more about the technology visit:

Watch this video to learn how to use Batteroo sleeve that can successfully extend battery life and increase its performance to know more visit us at

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