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5 Best Websites and Apps Like Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is an easy way to earn extra bits of cash - but it is not the only website (also now an app) that can give you this "leg up" on making some additional money with paid surveys, pay-per-video, online games, etc.

Here are more apps and websites that are like Inbox Dollars (some are actually better) - sign up with these to complete your "portfolio" of cash-earning online resources. =)

(PS: There are a number of additional resources below the list that you might also be interested in!)



I absolutely LOVE Swagbucks! This site - very much like Inbox Dollars (but better) gives you so many different and fun ways to add some cash (or gift cards) to your wallet!

Get $5.00 bonus when you sign up for Swagbucks here.


Very, very much like Inbox Dollars - I actually like it a bit better. Earn some extra cash online in various ways.

Sign up for CashCrate here.


FusionCash is a site that I just recently started out on - and I actually like it quite a bit better than InboxDollars - some of the ways to earn extra money are the same or similar, but some are quite different! Give it a try for yourself...

Get $5.00 for signing up for FusionCash here.

MyPoints: Your Daily Rewards Program

MyPoints is a program (website and app) that allows you to accumulate cash through a points system. Take surveys, play games - pretty much all the same "bells and whistles" that InboxDollars has.

Sign up for MyPoints here.


Lucktastic is another app (app only - no corresponding website) that has some features like Inbox Dollars. It's fun to use - if you have fun with scratch cards, this would be a great app for you.

Stack up tokens and redeem them for gift cards, enter contests - and there is always a chance at some extra cash with the scratch cards.

Also like InboxDollars, there are videos you can watch for extra points, survey feature (I haven't seen that work or in action yet) and some other fun little ways to earn.

Get free 1000 tokens when you sign up for Lucktastic here.

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And where there are money to be made people will try to get a piece of the cake :) Im using a software that complete my surveys for me :)  

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Nice tools. I already use many of them. I have a list of the best gpt sites that I use : Best gpt list.I recommend joining these sites because this list is constantly monitored and updated.

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I first started this blog because my websites made more money in less time than my day job, and I wanted to use my extra time to share what I was learning with others. That was nearly 4 years ago, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is that because of my professional ADD I continue to enjoy finding new money making methods.