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Space functionality – future of urban living

There is an increasing space crisis going on across the world. The per sq. ft. cost of land in all major cities all around the world is at an all-time high and doesn’t seem to decrease given how less space is left to erect a new home.


Build a home where the heart of India resides.

India, a land of varied cultures, varied languages and varied emotions, gives you an exciting opportunity to live wherever you want and experience something different each time to move to a different place even in the same state. Read More


6 Best ways to make your new home pet friendly.

Our dogs, cats and other pets like hamsters and fish are more than just animals to us. They are our pets. We live with them, take care of them like our own babies and make it sure they have fun. But in the process of taking care of them, we tend to overlook the fact that a home unfriendly to pets is hazardous to their health and consecutively to their fun. Read More


5 ways to make your new house ideally ventilated.

Are you planning to build a new home for you and your family? Are you planning to provide all comforts to your family in your home with a living room with a lavish sofa and a study that keeps you glued to your desk? A home however has more factors to look at than just comfort and luxury; ventilation being high on the priority list. Read More


Why Homes need professional foundations while construction?

Almost every fortnight media claims to have shortage of construction talent in India. Catchy headlines and exaggerated statistical numbers mislead to the assumption that projects under construction are dormant because of lack of skilled labour in this field.Although there are plenty of skilled bricklayers. Read More


Is your new house same as your dream house?

In a world full of procrastination and delays, a little effort could go a long way in terms of saving your dream home. It has become a bad habit of letting things go and compromise when it comes to home building. Read More


How can you save yourself from being a victim of delayed home building process

How many times have you read in the newspaper about people waiting endlessly for the contractor or architect to complete building their homes? How many people do you personally know who were misled by the contractors regarding the correct date of delivery of their homes? If you follow the independent home building industry, even distantly, then you would know that delay in the home building process is one of the most notorious diseases the industry is infested with. Read More


5 phases of home building process and the emotions associated with them

Building a home for themselves is one of the most complex and important tasks that a person undertakes in his lifetime. Read More


4 Important Things to keep in mind while Building Your New Home

“Homes are built to live in and not look at!”– Francis Bacon
In a globalized world, the obsession with novelty and pompous showcasing has its disadvantages hovering over life. Read More


6 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Home Building Journey!

Are you planning to build your home? Your dream home? Here are few essential things you must know about. Read More