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Updated by Auto Max of Oregon on Jul 02, 2020
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Auto Max of Oregon

Do you need to take care of your vehicle problems? Bring your vehicle at our ASE Certified Auto Repair Shop- Auto Max Oregon, you don't need to worry! Our Professional Auto Mechanics provides you more information about auto maintenance and repair services.

Are you looking for Correct Wheel Alignment services in Canby, OR?

Quality wheel alignment services needed? Come with your car at Auto Max of Oregon to get your wheels properly aligned to stay safe driving on the road

6 Most Useful Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Spring in Canby, OR

Need Help with any Vehicle Maintenance issues? Read our tips for preserving your vehicle as the warm spring & summer months progress

Expert Car Axles Canby OR | Auto Max of Oregon

Precision Car Axles and CV Joint Repair by ASE Certified Auto Experts- Auto Max of Oregon at 1004 NE 4th Ave. in Canby, OR 97013. Call 503-266-3246

Ask your Auto Experts at Canby Oregon Auto Shop for a Road Trip Kit!

Ask for help from your auto shop to help you compile a good road trip kit. Don't be left without help before you can get to an auto repair shop. Call us today!

How to save money on Oil Changes for your vehicle in Canby, OR?

Read these guide on how to save money on oil changes for your vehicle. Contact your Certified Auto Shop near Canby, Oregon to get quality oil changes.

Need Quality Wheel Alignment for Drifting Problems? Call us today!

If you're planning a summer trip, don't avoid proper wheel alignment. A proper car alignment will be cost-effective in saving your tires and money spent on fuel

Benefits of Needed Vehicle Maintenance | Auto Max Of Oregon, Canby

There are many benefits for quality vehicle maintenance. Keep up with car maintenance intervals & your car will keep running strong. Call us on 503-266-3246

Oil Change Canby OR | Auto Max of Oregon Auto Repair Shop

Quality Oil Change Needed? Visit our ASE Certified Auto Repair Shop - Auto Max of Oregon located at 1004 NE 4th Ave. in Canby, OR 97013. Call 503-266-3246

Find Canby OR Car Battery Replacement near me | Auto Max of Oregon

Car Battery Dying? Get Quality Car Battery Replacement at Certified Auto Shop- Auto Max Of Oregon in Canby, OR. It helps you to keeps your car stronger

Wheel Alignment Canby, OR | Auto Max of Oregon

ASE Certified Wheel Alignment Expert providing Quality Car Alignment Service at Auto Max of Oregon at 1004 NE 4th Ave. in Canby, OR 97013. Call 503-266-3246

How Much does a Car Battery Cost? | Auto Max Of Oregon

Are you wondering how much does a car battery cost? Be sure to ask your auto repair expert for advice and how to figure a car battery replacement cost

How much does a Car Battery Replacement Cost? | Auto Max of Oregon

Wondering about how much does a car battery cost? Consider all vehicle components that may be affected harmfully, not just car battery replacement cost

Tips on How to Find a Good Auto Repair Shop in Canby, OR

Wondering how to find a good auto repair shop that provides quality auto repair services for affordable prices? You don't need to look anymore.

Want to know about How Expensive is Transmission Repair?

If you neglect transmission service on your vehicle, you will find yourself asking how expensive is transmission repair. Call us today for more information

Ask Canby Auto Shop to Know the Facts of 4wd Repair!

Today’s drivers still have the option of full time 4wd systems. Because they are fully engaged at all times, you may be spending more on 4wd repair.

Want to know How Long Does Transmission Repair Take?

Routine transmission service is vital for your vehicle. Don't neglect it as you will find yourself wondering how long does transmission repair take.

Are you Wondering How Long do Automotive Shocks Last?

Make sure you know when to replace your car struts. If you're wondering how long do automotive shocks last, call your mechanic at Auto Max of Oregon today

Are you Wondering What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?

Schedule an engine service at Auto Max of Oregon, Inc. & ask a mechanic to run a engine diagnostic test to find out what does the check engine light mean.

Ask your Auto Shop: How Long Does Emission Testing Take?

Does your vehicle need a smog inspection to renew the registration? Call Auto Max of Oregon to schedule an appointment & Ask how long does emission testing take

Follow the Winter Car Maintenance Checklist by Automax!

Be sure to find out what kind of vehicle maintenance needs to be done on your car so you can follow the winter car maintenance checklist.

What Does a Full Car Tune Up Include? | Auto Max Of Oregon

Wondering what does a full car tune up include? Schedule an appointment with your auto mechanic for a car diagnostic test to determine if it is time to tune up your car.

Do you Know How Much Does It Cost to Service a Car?

Don't let needed car repair go undone when you notice any car issues. To find out how much does it cost to service a car, contact your auto shop for advice.

Photos - Take A Tour! | Auto Max of Oregon, Canby

Take a tour! View photos of our staff, lobby, service area and more at Auto Max of Oregon | Located at 1004 NE 4th Ave, Canby, OR 97013. Call 503-266-3246

Do You Want to Know How to Get Your Car Ready for a Road Trip?

There are a few things to know about how to get your car ready for a road trip. Schedule a pre-trip car service at your auto shop before heading down the road.

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying | Auto Max Of Oregon

Do you know the reasons why your car battery keeps dying? Ask your mechanic for professional advice about a car battery replacement.

  • ASE Certified Auto Repair Shop - Auto Max of Oregon conveniently located in Canby, OR and can help as your one stop Auto Service station. Here at Auto Max Of Oregon, we provide quality and customer service and also follow a strict code of ethics so customers will know up front what to expect when they require auto repair services from us.

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