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Water sports in Maldives – Fun water activities

The beautiful islands of Maldives are a collective of 26 atolls, each different in its own way. However, they all share something common. Clear blue waters that are ideal for water sports!



Snorkelling, is the first one the list because it's the main reason most tourists journey from around the world to end up in Maldives! The translucent and shades of blue from electric to aqua water, along with the colourful and lively reefs and coral makes snorkelling one of the most famous water activities around Maldives. The colourful reefs are home to a diverse range of marine species, from parrotfish, lion fish, manta rays, sea turtles, giant clams, clown triggerfish, butterfly fish and sometimes, if you're lucky enough, even black tip and white tip reef sharks. But don't worry, these sharks don't eat humans! Always remember to maintain a safe distance between any marine animal while you're snorkelling and keep in mind that you're in their territory. Conduct some research before heading out on a snorkelling tour, as although some properties have their own house reef, such as the one at COMO Maalifushi, The Maldives, others do not, but would happily take you to the nearest and prettiest coral reef for you to explore!



Diving is the second best water activity in Maldives. Although not many partake in this, as you require a license to be able to dive and a lot of training, those who can do it are always rewarded with some of the best and unique attractions of life under the sea. Divers will be able to explore ship wrecks, popular diving sites that are known to host some of the rarely seen sea creatures, such as manta rays, eagle rays, snappers, groupers and even whale sharks! Keep your eyes peeled and get your diving license before heading on holiday if you want a truly unique experience and a chance to explore the many treasures of life under the shimmering waters of the Maldives.


Underwater Walking

Are you worried about not being able to swim but have a desperate need to explore the marine life of Maldives? Fear not! There's a water activity known as Underwater Walking – and it's as literal as the name suggests. Walkers are fitted with special equipment that helps you breathe underwater – think of a round fish bowl around your head! Tread through the soft sands and experience the colourful marine life as you go on a guided walking tour of sea.


Kite surfing

Kite surfing is ideal for the waters of Maldives. The calm blue waters and a good wind speed create the perfect conditions for kite surfing. There are many kite surfing schools located around Maldives if it's your first time with this activity. Although, do check with your resort if they offer the gear and equipment needed for kite surfing, as many do! If you're looking for accommodation in Maldives luxury resort properties, opt for one closer to the beach, so you can spend all day in the water.



Explore the islands of Maldives and its aqua waters at your own pace! Get on board a kayak and break through the still waters as you enjoy the warmth of the sun and take in the breathtaking scenery around you. Some hotels and resorts even offer kayaking tours where you can go island hopping or you can kayak to many other colourful reefs nearby.

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