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60 Second Time Tips

A simple and elegant podcast series on how to improve your time management from a qualitative, as opposed to quantitative, perspective from Tom Evans, the progenitor of Bending Time

Why most people are only 33% efficient

Mull over the past, you lose focus on now. Worry about the future, you lose focus on now.

Why SMART goals are not so smart after all

SMART based goals are limited by your imagination, knowledge and experience. Learning based goals deliver way above your wildest dreams.

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Why It's Mad Not to Meditate

Spend 10 minutes every day in meditation and you will have a better day - and might even add 10 minutes to your life span for each day you do it!

Get a free taste of how we can all bend and stretch time here

Forgive, Let Go and Save Masses of Time

Harbouring bad feelings or a grudge is a huge Time Bandit. Forgive, let go and move on.

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Time to Catch Your Breath

Breathing, consciousness, the passage of time and even our longevity are linked to the speed of our breath - ask any elephant or tortoise ... (or dog, mouse or fly)

Maximising Meeting Time

A really good way to get more out of a meeting is to synchronise the breathing rates and patterns of the participants

To find out how to really Bend Time visit

Karma Time

How we manage time is a measure of how much we are on or off karmic path

For how to better manage time see -

For how to get on your karmic path see -

Nostril Breathing

This is a simple exercise you can do before embarking on any creative exercise to activate both sides of your brain ...

... just one of many great techniques from Bending Time - the revolutionary way to create more hours in the day

Active Doodling

Another 60 Second Time Tip to get your left and right brains working in harmony before embarking on a creative task

See for more amazing ways to create more time in your day

Managing Social Media

How to use your time wisely with social media and creative projects

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To Don't Lists

The best way to tackle a To Do list is to start a To Don't list.

One of the things to do, of course, is to get hold of Bending Time so you can start changing your relationship with time altogether.

How to Create a To Love List

If you love the work you do, you will never work again - start Bending Time today so you can love the work you do even more -

Procrastination is Hidden Fear

The main source of procrastination is a hidden fear manifesting as a reason not to do something. This is the first in a series of Time Tips to deal with it.

This is why in Module 1 of Bending Time, we deal with fears and goals that exceed your wildest dreams.

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Can an online to-do list really make you productive?

Find out how using an online to-do list can lift the weight of carrying around tasks in your head and up your organization game.