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Top Historical Places in Shenzen

Shenzen is one of the five wealthiest cities in China and it comes as no surprise since some of the country's biggest companies such as Huawei and One Plus are located here.


Dapeng Fortess

This sacred location is under the protection of the state. Its size is massive and measures ten thousand square metres and overlooks a prominent bay within the area. It was strategically placed to avoid invaders who came from the sea. Eventually, during the Ming Dynasty, the fortress developed into a small town. There are many incredible attractions within the fortress for your exploration. There are multiple temples and shrines and all of them are centuries old. Members of the Qing Dynasty even built mansions within the fortress and the best preserved of all of them is one that belonged to Admiral Lai Enjue. This particular mansion is more than one-and-a-half centuries old.


Admiral Lai's Mausoleum

A short distance away from the fortress you will find the grave of the aforementioned Admiral. He was a legendary figure during the Opium Wars which took place during the mid-1800s. The mausoleum is an interesting visit due to the various stone sculptures that are laid throughout it.


Nantou Ancient City

There were many ancient civilisations that thrived in Shenzen, and one of the best places to witness the legacy they left behind is at this ancient city. The city was built sometime during the 14th century and there are many remains to explore. The first you're bound to notice on a visit is the massive gate which is 10 metres in width and just under 5 metres in height. There are many traditional buildings that still remain within the temple gates, as well as a tiny museum. This peculiar yet captivating museum contains a variety of artefacts that were excavated from the area. This locale is very well known and if you're staying at an alternative to Shenzen hotel such as the Somerset Grandview Shenzhen you'll be able to easily find your way here.


Chiwan Tianhou Temple

This temple stands right next to Chiwan Village and has a history of more than eight hundred years. Tianhou is a deity whose name in English translated to 'heavenly queen' and this is the largest temple in the entire province that is dedicate to the worship of this figure. As a result, it held in very high regard throughout many of China's provinces as well as many places in South-East Asia.


Shaodi Emperor's Mausoleum

This is the sole Imperial Mausoleum located in the entire province, and is therefore a highly recommended visit if you find yourself in Shenzen. The name of the emperor in question is Zhao Ribing and he was incredibly young at the time of his rule and died at the very young age of nine. He was the last emperor of the Song Dynasty and passed away in 1279.


Hakka Folk Customs Museum

This is a great way to learn about the Hukka sub-group of Chinese people and their unique cultural history. The museum has a floor space of over twenty-four thousand square metres and contains a wealth of artefacts for your perusal. The facility has more than a hundred and seventy rooms and was built sometime in 1817.

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