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Updated by Neff Associates on Apr 04, 2017
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4 Direct Response Marketing Tips to Increase leads and Conversions

Direct response marketing is highly effective and a commonly used marketing strategy. It’s designed to generate an immediate response from prospects interested in your product or service by delivering a compelling message. It elicits prospects to take a specific action in order to obtain the product or service offered.



But maybe you’ve tried direct response marketing and were unsuccessful in producing leads and conversions. A successful direct response marketing campaign relies on a few key principles. If you’re looking to generate more discussions from your direct response marketing campaign, follow these tips from our Philadelphia brand strategy and development specialists.


Select the Right Medium

Using the right medium for your campaign is vital to convey a message to your audience. You want to choose the medium that will best reach your customers and produce a response. Although we live in a cyber world, direct response marketing doesn’t have to be digital. You can send postcards or emails with compelling content, run intriguing television or radio commercials, or promote creative print or digital ads.


Make It Easy for the Customer

You want to make it easy for your customers to interact. If it’s too difficult or there are too many steps, they won’t make the effort to respond. Make it easy for customers to respond and offer them different ways to reply. For example, provide an easy way to remember your phone number or website.


Set a Time Limit

In your message, create a sense of urgency around your product or service. Include the offer and mention that it’s only available for a specific period of time and display the end date prominently. Also, remind the customer what they’re missing out on if they don’t act now.


Offer Something of Value

The most important part of a direct response marketing message is the call-to-action (CTA). Your message should always end with a CTA, convincing the audience to do something, such as click a link or fill out a form with their contact information. In exchange, they receive something in return. But in order for audiences to be encouraged to complete the action, you need to offer something that’s worth it. Offer them a free product sample or a free trial.