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Balis Must try out Spa Treatments – Feel brand new

Bali is a treasure trove of so many beautiful things, but when you're in the country, here are some of the must try out spa treatments to help you relax.



If your holiday to the beautiful island of Bali is mainly centered on wellness, therapies and retreat options, then always start with one of Bali's most famous massages. Spas at some of the hotels and resorts such as COMO Shambhala offer a variety of treatments that's designed to make you feel brand new. The massages offered are carefully recommended to individuals based on their treatment requirements such as Deep tissue massage, Thai massage, hot river stone massage, per natal massage, shiatsu, Indian head massage and many others.


Facial Care

Your face requires the most special care of treatment that's available. Spa centres offer treatments for every kind of skin type and recommend treatments that will suit your skin condition. Facial massages are made to cleanse and exfoliate your skin, sometimes even doing a manual extraction of impurities. Your spa therapist will engage in a variety of different treatments that will make you feel as if you're wearing brand new skin! After the facial is completed, a moisturizer and toner will be applied to the skin in order to trap the skin's natural oils and help repair it. From ayurvedic and aromatherapy treatments, each therapy that you try will leave you feeling refreshed and replenished


Body Care

Bali has a variety of body care treatments from Dead sea mud therapy, marine algae therapy, herbal baths, warm muscle wraps, Balinese spice body mask and hot stone massages to name a few. Each treatment option is made so that a healthy reproduction of your skins cells is encouraged. They are designed to trap the body's natural moisture and help heal it of its ailments. Body care treatments in Bali will transform your holiday and give it a true meaning!


Spiritual healing

Bali strongly believes in a spiritual presence. Spas usually offer a treatment such as the Water temple purification ceremony where special spring water is used to cleanse the spirit, thereby uplifting and promoting the wellbeing of the individual. Each treatment is usually completed with a prayer and a blessing from a temple monk. The other treatment option is the local healing where a visit to the town's local healer is made.


3 Hour Slimming Therapy

This therapy offers its guests a chance to slim down by using a signature blend of organic herbs which helps burn fat and reduce cellulite. Guests who opt for this treatment are usually sponged down with a warm towel before the massage begins. It ends with a full body wrap and a slimming body mask.


Energy of the Bali Moon

During the Full Moon, which translates to Purnama, the locals worship Goddess Sang Hyang Chandra and during the new moon which translates to Tilem, they worship God Sang Hyang Surya. A popular belief in Bali is that to cleanse oneself of impurities, you have to bathe in the water that is fragranced by frangipani petals, under the full moon light. This treatment begins with a blessing ceremony that takes place near the sea, following which your massage will commence with the use of frangipani oil. Each stroke, stronger than the one before are carried out in order to reflect the energies of the full moon. Your massage will end with a frangipani and herb bath and finally cleansed using the blessed water.

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