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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Ways to Enjoy a Budget Holiday in Hong Kong – Travel Without Breaking the Bank

We've all been there where we are dying to go travelling but hardly have a cent to our name to do it with. Well, here's five ways you can have a good time in Hong Kong without emptying your wallet.


Appreciate History

One of the things you can do for free while you're in Hong Kong is to check out the museums here. Some of them charge no entry fees and are a good way to pass the time in a cultured manner and learn about interesting things without having to pay a cent. Some of the ones that are known to allow free entry include the Hong Kong Art Museum as well as the History Museum.


Fun after Dark

Have some free fun after dark (and, no, this is probably not in the way that you are thinking of – do get your minds out of the gutter!) at Hong Kong's thriving night markets. These are full of interesting sights, sounds, scents and flavours! There's so much to see and do there, and entry doesn't cost a dime. There's also sure to be an abundance of tasty street food that tastes delish and costs close to nothing. One example of such a night market is the one down on Temple Street. Just be weary of the pickpockets and you're sure to have a swell night.


A Walk in the Park

It's good to keep fit, even on holiday; actually, especially on holiday, which is when most people tend to pack on the pounds. Who can blame us for this tendency anyway? In a country like Hong Kong, mouth-watering food can also be bought cheaply, roadside, like at the above-mentioned night markets. So wake up early and get yourself some lungful's of fresh air at one of the country's many parks. You're also likely to spot group Tai Chi classes taking place there, out on the green, and if you're feeling cheeky, try to copy their moves for a limber start to the day!


A Roof over Your Head

The standard of living is quite high in the country, especially compared to some other Asian countries, and there is also a real shortage of space here. So it stands to reason that land and accommodation prices are also on the high-end. However, there's no need to worry. If you don't want to dish out the dough on accommodation, there are plenty of budget hotels in Hong Kong that you can stay at. After all, there are many better things to spend your limited cash on, and options such as those by the Travelodge Hotels Asia and similar others, are there to help you do so.


Temple Hopping

Another pastime that requires no exchange of money, is visiting temples. There are quite a few in Hong Kong, and they are a sight to see, being as colourful as they are. You will notice a predominantly red theme; this is because the colour is a lucky one to Chinese people living all over the world from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Mainland China to the diaspora living in many other parts of the globe. The colour red is said to bring good fortune and prosperity to people. So it is no coincidence that this colour features prominently in places of worship. If you can spare a few cents, purchase some incense sticks at the temple and light them up; maybe some of the good luck will rub off on you!

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