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Updated by Rum River Automotive on Oct 14, 2020
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Rum River Automotive

Rum River Automotive is a full-service Auto Repair Shop providing efficient auto repair services in princeton, MN. Our ASE Certified Auto Mechanics provide honest and professional auto repair and car maintenance services to all the vehicle owners of Princeton and the surrounding communities.


Auto Repair Services Princeton, MN

ASE Certified Auto Shop that quality a wide variety of Auto repair services in princeton, mn

The Negatives of a Lost Wheel Alignment!

If your wheel alignment is causing you driving and steering problems, schedule an appointment today. Find that lost car alignment!

Need to Buy new tires for Summer? Schedule your Tire Repair Now!

Drivers must be aware that tire repair is not always the best choice. If the puncture is fairly large or too deep, then you should probably buy new tires

Need Reliable Car Repair Shop in Princeton MN? Call us on 763-389-3811

Don't leave home without taking your vehicle into your trustworthy car repair shop for a quality inspection and car service. Schedule your appointment now!

Need to buy new tires for your vehicle? Call us on 763-389-3811 today!

Check out the three critical tire service issues before heading down the road, inflation pressure, driving conditions. It may be time to buy new tires!

Wondering about starters and alternators? Call us today!

Are you wondering about the purpose of starters and alternators? Call your auto repair shop for more information and schedule an appointment today!

Rum River Automotive: Why Proper Wheel Alignment is Vital for Vehicle?

The Proper wheel alignment keeps your car safer to drive. Ask your auto shop to find out more about car alignment issues. Call us today on 763-389-3811!

Ask your nearby Mechanic on How much do alternators cost?

Starting problems in your vehicle? Don’t forget to ask your mechanic for how much do alternators and starters cost when considering a repair or replacement.

How long does a wheel alignment take at Car Repair Shop?

Be sure to take time to correct an improper car alignment so that you don't cause damage to your car. Ask your car shop how long does a wheel alignment take

Ask Your Mechanic: "How much do Car Axles & Struts Cost?"

An inspection of the suspension should include car axles & struts & other components that can fail. Ask your Mechanic to find out how much do car axles cost

Ask Your Mechanic: "How much do Car Axles & Struts Cost?"

An inspection of the suspension should include car axles & struts & other components that can fail. Ask your Mechanic to find out how much do car axles cost

Are you Wondering How Long Does a Car Suspension Last?

Worried about a bouncing car & wondering what it is happening to your car axles? Ask your trusted auto shop for advice on how long does car suspension last.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Alternator on your Vehicle?

If you’re wondering about the connection between starters and alternators, ask your auto repair shop how much does it cost to replace an alternator.

Wondering How Often Do Radiators Need To Be Replaced?

Have your radiator inspected regularly so that you won't be spending more in radiator repair. Ask your mechanic how often do radiators need to be replaced.

Want to Know How Do Exhaust Systems Increase Horsepower?

Contact Rum River Automotive, your auto repair and muffler shop in princeton, MN, if you are wondering how do exhaust systems increase horsepower

Wondering about How To Tell If Your Car Starter Is Bad?

Do you know how to tell if your car starter or alternator is bad. Don't delay in scheduling an appointment at your auto shop for a full car inspection

Want to Know How To Tell if Your Tires are Worn Out?

Contact Rum River Automotive if you’re wondering how to tell if tires are worn out. Your tire service shop can inspect your tires and help you buy new tires that is appropriate for your vehicle.

You Must Know the 3 Warning Signs of a Bad Car Battery!

Is your car showing the warning signs of a bad car battery? It may be time to call Rum River Automotive about the right car battery replacement.

Ask a Mechanic: "How Long Does Brake Service Take?"

Are you wondering how long does brake service take? A Princeton auto technician will inspect your vehicle and let you know if you need any brake repair.

Are You Wondering How Much Does Flat Tire Repair Cost?

Are you wondering how much does flat tire repair cost? Call the tire expert at Rum River Automotive today to know more about tire service & to schedule an appointment.

Are you Wondering What are the Signs of Bad Shocks and Struts?

Wondering how to find out what are the signs of bad shocks and struts? Ask your auto repair technician for advice about car maintenance and schedule a car service right away.

Do You Know the Common Myths of Car Maintenance?

What do you know of the myths about car maintenance? For answers to your questions about the truth about vehicle maintenance, ask an auto repair expert at Rum River Automotive.

Do You Want to Know What are the Symptoms of a Bad Transmission?

If you’re wondering what are the symptoms of a bad transmission, Call Rum River Automotive for scheduling an appointment. Following the suggested transmission service intervals will help prevent costly transmission repair

Wondering What are things to Know About Oil Changes?

want to know more about Changing Oil? There are five basic things to know about oil changes in your car. Ask your mechanic about oil change coupons at Rum River Automotive

Do You Know How to Maintain a Car in Good Condition?

If you’re a driver that does not know how to maintain a car in good condition, you may find yourself stranded looking for repair. Be sure to follow vehicle maintenance schedule on a regular basis.

  • Princeton, MN based Auto Repair Shop- Rum River Automotive has been proudly serving the community since 1997 as the leading provider of auto repair services. We Provide award winning auto repair services with a ASE certified mechanic for import, domestic cars, light trucks, gasoline and diesel engines. Our auto repair shop offers free pickup & delivery of vehicles (in town) and courtesy cars for customer convenience. 24 hr towing is also available with before & after hrs pickup or drop off of your vehicle.

    Looking for Quality auto Repair Services? Bring your vehicle at our ASE Certified Auto Shop located at 101 4th Ave N, Princeton, MN 55371. Call Us Today on 763-389-3811.

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