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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Examining the Most Common Gym Equipment – Know Your Gym Machines
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Examining the Most Common Gym Equipment – Know Your Gym Machines

Joining a gym? Or thinking about it? Or perhaps you already go, but just stick to the treadmill for fear of seeming silly about your lack of familiarity? Well, it's time to fix that!


What's This All About?

For all those newbies out there, here's a little bit on some of the gym equipment that's out there beyond the traditional staples such as the treadmills and the spinning machines (which are basically the gym bicycles in case you weren't aware).


The Abdominal Bench

Give your abs a workout with the abdominal bench. Designed to give your core area a real workout, this machine is excellent for those looking to build core strength (something from which everybody would benefit, no matter their fitness goals). It works out muscles such as the transverse abdominals, the rectus abdominis (abs), quadriceps and internal obliques.


Leg Curl Machine

Want to build up strength in your legs? Use the leg curl machine which really gives your hamstrings a run for their money. Your legs are what carry you through life and they are so often undervalued and ignored. So the next time you hit the gym, make sure to spend a few minutes on some leg curls to ensure that you've got a solid foundation to walk on.


The Pec Deck Machine

Whether you're a guy or gal, there're a lot of benefits to toning up that chest. For guys, it may be all about getting rock hard pecks, but for girls, it's all about firming up the muscles that support their breasts. So no matter whether you're a guy looking for firmer pecs or a chick looking for firmer breasts, this machine should do the trick. When you incorporate this piece of equipment into your gym routine, your chest muscles get an isolated workout. To be exact, the muscles that get the most out of this exercise are the deltoids and pectoralis major which are located in your shoulders and chest respectively.


Not Convinced?

If you are still quite not on board with the idea of becoming a gym rat, that's all right. There are many other options. For example, in many countries, there are now personal trainers who are willing to come home and help you train, such as those at First Class Personal Training in Canada, which is just one example of many such outfits around the globe. Or for those who prefer the outdoors, these personal training organisations are often willing to have sessions in a public place that is convenient for you, such as a neighbourhood park. If you are interested, search the web to find local personal training organisations near you that are flexible and understanding about your needs. If you happen to reside in Canada, that last example that was mentioned covers a fairly wide service area which includes places such as Toronto, Scarborough and Newmarket. If you reside elsewhere, keep looking and you are sure to find something suitable for you. Still not convinced? Keeping fit should be about having fun as well, so try out something like modern dancing or Zumba to give you a good aerobic workout as well as a good time.