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#97 Useful Microsoft in Education posts this week

6 Basic Activities Every Teacher Should Be Able to Do in Microsoft Classroom

January 12, 2017
Microsoft Classroom is a virtual space where you can manage all of your classes. It allows you to create and grade assignments, design different class sections, provide personalized individual feedback and collaborate with other teachers in Professional Learning Communities. Microsoft Classroom comes included in Office 365 for Education which you can access from the App Launcher in Office 365 navigation bar. Below is a visual we created based on instructions retrieved from Microsoft Classroom Documentation page. It features what we think are the 6 basic things every teacher using Microsoft Classroom should be able to do . To learn more about Microsoft Classroom, check out these resources.

1- Create a new class 
'Creating a new class in Classroom is automatic for schools and districts that use School Data Sync, which is included in Office 365. Classes, teachers, and students are automatically created and enrolled using the class roster information in the school’s student information system. For schools that do not use School Data Sync, Microsoft Classroom gives teachers the option to create and manage classes manually.
To create a new class, choose New Class, enter a unique name, select Done. The class will be created in the list of inactive classes. To customize the class, expand Inactive Classes, select the class you created, then select Manage.'

2- Add and manage students and teachers
‘To add students to a class, find the class you want to manage in either the active or inactive list, select the class name and select the Students and Teachers link in the upper right-hand corner. Select Add student, type the student's name or email address, select Done.
Teachers can also add or remove teachers if a class is taught by one or more teacher or if there are teacher assistants who need the ability to create, view and grade assignments. To add a teacher, Select Add teacher, type the teacher's name or email address, and select Done.’

3- Activate/ deactivate a class
‘To activate a class, under Inactive classes choose the class name, then Manage > Activate Class. Activating the class makes assignments visible for all students.
To deactivate a class, choose the active class name, then Manage > Deactivate class. This will move the class to the inactive class list and hide any assignments from students. Assignments are preserved and to easily update when the class is reactivated.’

4- Create an assignment
‘In Microsoft Classroom, click the '+New Assignment' button located on the Home page or the Assignments tab for a specific class.’

5- Grade assignments
In Classroom, select an Assignment, then click on the 'Submissions' tab. Select a student name and enter a grade in the Grade box, then click Post Grade.

6- Hold conversations with students and teachers
'Students and Teachers can discuss and collaborate on classes and assignments in Classroom. From the class navigation area or from the assignments details page, select Conversations. The Conversations tab in the class navigation area integrates all conversations with Microsoft Outlook. Each class is a separate Group within Outlook.'

You can download the visual below in PDF format from this link.

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