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5 Types of Golf Clubs – There's a Club Behind Every Swing

New to golf? You might be working on your swing hour after hour, but it helps to know when to pick which type of club for a particular shot. Here's a brief look into some of the types of golf clubs out there.


The Putter

Ah, the iconic Putter, with its flat blade. This is the type of golf club that sees the most time out of the bag. When you see people playing golf on the big screen, the odds are that you're watching them use a putter to take their swing. The Putter is just the club you want to use if all you want to do is have the ball rolling along the course towards the hole. While these clubs come in a variety of lengths, the on average they are around thirty-three inches long.

Many seasoned golfers agree as to the importance of learning how to putt properly early on in the game. So the next time you are playing golf at a club such as The Els Club Malaysia, don't be afraid to ask for help to improve your putting. That last golfing club is, by the way, on the Malaysian island of Langkawi. Golf has become such a popular sport all over the world, that there are now numerous clubs and resorts all over the world dedicated to this humble sport which traces its origins back to Scotland.


The Irons

As you may have guessed from the name, these clubs have metallic heads. There are a range of these clubs which have all been allocated numbers from one to nine in ascending order of which ones have the most loft, with the 1-iron having the least loft and the 9-iron having the most; where loft is a term used to denote exactly how far a club can make a golf ball fly, and how high, as well. For example, a number 6-iron would enable you to drive the ball to a greater height than if you had used a 3-iron; but the latter would enable you to drive the ball over a greater distance. So the less loft a club has, the longer distance it can drive the ball over; and the more loft a ball has, the further distance over which it can send a ball. It stands to reason then, that the way golfers decide which number iron to go with, depends on how far away they are from the hole. As it is harder to control the impact of your swing with the 1 and 2 –irons, golf club sets typically come only with the 3 to 9-irons.


Wooden Clubs

Although they are called wooden clubs, nowadays, the club heads aren't actually made from wood. Once upon a time, they were fashioned using woods such as hickory, however, these days, they are made from metallic alloys like titanium or steel. Whereas the iron-headed clubs are used to hit a ball which is two hundred yards or less from the hole, the wooden clubs are used at a distance of between two hundred to three hundred and fifty yards. Iron clubs provide greater loft than wooden ones. Like with the iron clubs, the wooden ones are also numbered 1 to 9 with 1-woods having the least amount of loft and the 9-woods having the most. The higher numbered wooden clubs such as the 7, 8 or 9-wood are sometimes referred to as 'fairway woods' as they are used on the tee or out in the fairway due to their ability to lob the ball to a greater height.


Hybrid Clubs

Hybrids, true to their name feature a mix of traits from both the higher numbered wooden clubs and the iron clubs. These are considered some of the easiest clubs to handle and usually come in a range of lofts between sixteen and twenty-six degrees.

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