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Updated by Rebel Automotive on Aug 06, 2020
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Rebel Automotive

Rebel Automotive is a full-service Auto Repair Shop offering quality auto repair in Henderson, NV. Our ASE Certified Auto Experts provide honest and professional auto repair and vehicle maintenance services to all the vehicle owners of Henderson and the surrounding communities of North Las Vegas and Las Vegas.

Auto Repair Shop Henderson, NV - Auto Repair Services|Mechanic

Rebel Automotive Auto Repair Shop - Leading Mechanic of Auto Repair Services. Visit 975 American Pacific Drive, Suite 103, Henderson, NV 89014. Call 702-834-8134.

Get the Benefits of Spring Automotive Service for your car!

Give your car a spring cleaning with quality automotive service. It will help your car run stronger & also save you time and money on automotive repair issues

Rebel Automotive: Have you notice any warning signs of Engine Repair?

Have you start noticing any of the signs of pending engine repair problems? Contact ASE Certified technicians to take care all engine repair problems early.

How to Choose the Reliable Auto Repair Shop in Henderson NV

Looking for reliable auto repair shop? Check out pricing, customer reviews, and the guarantees of the shop. Receiving quality auto repair is the goal!

Schedule your Auto Air Conditioning Repair at Car Air Conditioner Shop

Keep your vehicle cool with auto air conditioning repair. Schedule an appointment at your car air conditioning shop online

Rebel Automotive Shop near Henderson, NV — Don’t neglect transmission service needed for your...

To maintain a safe and stable temperature of transmission components, your vehicle uses transmission fluid to cool and grease the moving parts. This fluid diminishes the amount of potentially damaging heat inside the transmission and increases the life of the all important component of your vehicle. Many vehicle manufacturers suggest a transmission fluid change at very specific scheduled intervals. At Rebel Automotive Shop they suggest that you follow the transmission repair intervals when determining when to complete a complete transmission fluid change.

Get Quality Engine Repair with Engine Service Shop near Henderson, NV

Your preferred full-service auto shop can also be considered an engine service shop, with ASE-certified Experts who specialize in engine repair

3 Expert Tips for Summer Auto Service: Rebel Automotive, Henderson, NV

Consider three summer auto service tips by an auto repair shop that will make your drive more safe on the road. Call us 702-834-8134 today!

3 Useful Tire Service Tips Before Going for Summer Road Trip!

Be sure to consider these 3 tire service tips before leaving on your summer road trip. Ask your tire repair experts to check air pressure, tread wear, & condition of rubber.

How to Find a Good Mechanic in your nearby area?

Do you need to know how to find a good mechanic in your area? Call Rebel Automotive to schedule an appointment with a trustworthy auto repair technician.

Do you know how long does an Oil Change Last for your Car?

How long does an oil change last depends on the car model, driving habits, & type of oil used. Don't forget to ask your auto shop about oil change coupons.

How Often do you get your Car Serviced in Henderson, NV?

Ask your Henderson mechanic about how often do your get your car serviced. Your owner's manual is a good guide to follow. Don’t avoid a needed car repair.

Be Sure to Watch out for the 3 Signs of Car Battery Replacement

There are 3 signs indicating your vehicle needs a car battery replacement. Ask your auto mechanic to advise you on how long does a car battery last

Wondering How long do Alternators last for your Vehicle?

If your vehicle is having starting issues, it may be the starter, battery, or alternator. Your mechanic can advice you as to how long do alternators last

Tips on How to Choose the Right Auto Shop in Henderson, NV

For quality auto repair services, You should follow these tips on how to choose the right auto shop. Call Rebel Automotive today to schedule an appointment.

Do you Know How much does transmission repair cost?

Be sure to schedule transmission service as recommended in your owner's manual. Ask your auto shop how much does Transmission Repair cost?

Are you Worried about How Many Miles Can an Engine Last?

If you have neglected needed engine repair, you will find yourself asking your mechanic how many miles can an engine last for your vehicle. Call us today!

Are You Wondering of How Many Miles Are Tires Good For?

Regular tire service will help extend the life of your tires so you won't be asking, How many miles are tires good for?. Call us at 702-834-8134!

Are you Wondering How To Tell If Your Car Struts are Bad?

If you don't know how to tell if your car struts are bad, ask a professional auto repair technician for advice about the purpose of car shocks.

Are you Wondering about How Many Miles Should Brakes Last?

Find quality & certified brake service for your vehicle so you don't have to ask your mechanic about how many miles should brakes last for your vehicle.

Do You Want to Know What Does it Mean to Winterize a Car?

The first step in preventing an urgent car repair is to find out what does it mean to winterize a car. Follow the winterize car checklist for safe driving.

Do you Need to Know Why is Car Service Important For Your Vehicle?

Wondering why is car service important? Your mechanic can keep you advised as to what car service should be performed so that you won’t be paying out big bucks on emergency car repair.

3 Questions to Ask When you Visit your Auto Repair Shop!

When leaving your car at an auto repair shop for work, be sure to ask for a quote of all costs, are there any warranties, and how long will it take for auto repair services to be done

What are the Signs of a Transmission Going Bad?

Do you know the signs of a transmission going bad? Following the recommended transmission service intervals will help prevent major and costly transmission repair.

Is a Tune-Up Service still necessary For Your Vehicle?

it is clear now that tune-ups are still necessary to maintain your vehicle’s performance. When was the last time you had your car tuned up? If you've been noticing any issues with engine performance, then It may be time for a car tune up service.

  • Rebel Automotive is a full-service Auto Repair Shop offering quality auto repair in Henderson, NV. Our ASE Certified Auto Experts provide honest and professional auto repair and vehicle maintenance services to all the vehicle owners of Henderson and the surrounding communities of North Las Vegas and Las Vegas.

    if you are looking for quality auto repair, then you can visit our ASE Certified Auto shop at 975 American Pacific Dr, Ste 103 Henderson, NV 89014.

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