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Speedboat Types in Maldives – Cut through the waters

If you've ever been to an island resort in the Maldives, chances are that you got there by speedboat. Ever wanted to know more about them? Here you go.


Some Background

Some the most commonly found speedboat models in the Maldives belong to the Touring 36 series of water vessels by Gulf Craft. These come in an array of different configurations, most often by seating capacity as well as other metrics. Here's a brief look at some of the different models that operate in this island nation. They are arranged by the number of passengers they can safely transport, starting from the lowest capacity ones and going all the way to some of the bigger ones that you may be confronted with during your luxury holiday in Maldives. All these variations have a few things in common such as having a partially enclosed deck. This means that there will be a roof over your heads, but that the sides are open for your full viewing pleasure. These models all also come with a little extra space out front at the bow. Navigate your way to the front if you are limber enough and take yourself some marvellous selfies. You'll feel like the king of the ship from out here, that's for sure!


The Smallest

This type of speedboat is more of a budget one. It doesn't come with a lot of bells and whistles per say, but it will get the job done, and transport up to 6 persons safely and soundly across the waters of the Indian Ocean, from atoll to atoll; that is if the weather is good. It can reach up to speeds of around thirty-five knots per hour and often comes with an 115HP 1 outboard Yamaha engine. During questionable weather conditions, taking out this smallest of all speedboats available in the Maldives is not a good idea. So for long trips out on the sea, you might want to splurge on a higher-end model because there's always a freak chance that the weather can run amok, even if forecasts say otherwise.


The Average-Sized

The 14-person speedboat is what we would call a relatively midsized boat. It boat usually has an engine capacity of a little over three hundred litres, and with an engine that's a little better than the previously discussed 6-seater speedboat, can reach a speed of up to around thirty knots per hour. The engine on this one has the same horsepower as the 6-seater one but has two outboards instead of one. This gives the boat a little more reliability in bad weather and on longer tours across the water. Why, you ask? The outboard is actually a motor propulsion system. While two of them, as opposed to one, do make the boat weightier, they allow for more precise control over the boat and, therefore, its manoeuvrability in the water. This can come in handy when navigating choppy waters during less than favourable weather conditions. Also, two is better than one when it comes to reliability; if one fails, you've always got another one to fall back on.


One of the Bigger Ones

This 22-seater speedboat comes with a 250 horsepower engine, also with two outboards like the 14-seater engine, and can go as fast as 33 knots per hour. Like its 14-seater counterpart, it is a good vessel for longer tours out on the water. Many of the numerous luxury resorts such as Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, for example, may consider using these for luxury tours booked by guests who want to explore the waters. Sunset cruises, for example, are very popular among the Maldives resorts.


The Behemoth

The largest of all the vessels mentioned here, this behemoth of a speedboat can carry up to a staggering 42 people on board. To keep this baby afloat, a beast of an engine at three hundred horsepower is needed. This speedboat also comes equipped with a two outboard engine and can be trusted to transport passengers safely in inclement weather conditions.