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05 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Maldives – Island Adventures

Blessed with pristine beaches and a fascinating culture, the Maldives is home to some truly breathtaking places that offer wonderful insights into this tropical paradise.


Banana Reef

While there is plenty of beauty above land, in the Maldives just as many amazing sights can be seen below the waves too. A quintessential part of holidays to Maldives for diving enthusiasts would be to explore one of the most beautiful of such underwater sites, the Banana Reef. Situated in the North Malé Atoll, this well known diving hotspot features a reef shaped similar to that of a banana, which is home to a wide array of coral and marine species. One of the country’s best sites for diving, Banana Reef covers an area of around 300 metres and features awe-inspiring cliffs and mysterious caves as part of its intriguing seascape. Amidst this stunning beauty, divers have a chance to see everything from bannerfish to barracudas and soldierfish to sharks.


Manta Point

Another underwater treasure, Manta Point is a great spot to witness the dreamlike beauty of not only underwater backdrops, but also one of the most graceful of marine species, the manta ray. During the months between May and November, this well known diving area plays host to a large number of manta rays who are actually cleaned by another marine species known as cleaner wrasses. These smaller fish that usually can be found in or around the reef, feed off dead skin or parasites found on the ray’s body. This sight along with the one of seeing manta rays glide along in an almost ethereal dance through the water is one that is truly spectacular. Apart from these species, you will also find a number of coral varieties as well as sweet lips, banner fish and trevally.


Baa Atoll

This entire atoll is an attraction in itself since it has such a rich plethora of marine and coral life. Named as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, the Baa Atoll is made up of several natural atolls with both inhabited and uninhabited islands. The reefs found in these waters are truly breathtaking both in appearance and for the amount of marine and coral life they are home to. Those looking to explore these underwater worlds that lie below the waves can look to stay at resorts within the Baa Atoll itself, which can be easily found with the help of travel specialists like Vacation Maldives.


Hukuru Miskiiy

Found in the capital Male, the Hukuru Miskiiy is a historic mosque that has its own old world charm to it. The country’s oldest mosque, it features ornate carvings of scripts from the Quran along with intricate lacquer work and carefully done woodcarvings. Dating back to the mid 17th century, this mosque offers a unique insight into the country’s rich religious heritage.


Sultan Park

Another beautiful sight in Male, Sultan Park offers a leafy and shade laden getaway in which to unwind after one’s travels. While this park may be relatively small, it provides a scenic escape in an area that was formerly the grounds that made up the sultan’s palace. The National Museum is also close by making it an ideal place to learn about the local culture as well.

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