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Best Whale Watching Sites in Sri Lanka – Come find the biggest marine mammal!

Sri Lanka has a rich wildlife and is famously known to be the only place where you can see the biggest land mammal and the biggest sea mammal! Here are some places that are good for whale watching.



Mirissa is famous simply for being one of the best whale watching sites in the south of Sri Lanka. Rise up just before the sun does and make your way to the harbour, hop on board your boat and prepare to set sail! Most boats leave the harbour at 6am, to make it at the peak hours of whale watching. Do keep in mind, the later you get, the rougher the seas will be, and the chances of spotting any marinelife is almost none! Unless, of course you've got the luck of the Gods on your side! Some of the most frequented whales seen here are the blue whales, sperm whales and bryde whales. You'll also be able to pods of dolphins playfully whizzing past your boat. The ideal whale watching season in Mirissa is between the months from November to March.



If you find yourself in the east of the country, whale watching season is at its peak from May to August. The highest peak month for whale watching is the month of June. The blue whale is most commonly sighted here! The whales can also be seen from land, if you make your way to Swami Rock at Konesvaram Kovil. Boat departures from the harbour are about the same time as that of Mirissa, as most boats tend to make their way to deep sea before it gets rough by noon. On your tour, you will also be able to spot spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, sperm whales and sometimes even sea turtles. In Sri Lanka, hotel options are so numerous that you'll have no issue finding accommodation. Some properties such as Jetwing Hotels, located around the country will be able to organise whale watching tours!



Recently popped up as a popular tourist destination for whale watching, the best season to go whale watching in Kalpitiya is from November to April, the same as Mirissa. Kalpitiya is located on the north western province of Sri Lanka. The waters around Kalpitiya are known to be the most famous for pods of playful dolphins. Although, there are much less whales than that spotted in Mirissa, the area is great for seeing dolphins. For those lucky enough, if you head in to the deeper parts of the ocean, you might be able to spot sperm whales, blue whales, minke whales and melon headed sperm whales!



It can be quite hard to pick the perfect whale watching spot before heading to Sri Lanka. If you're worried about finding the best season, luckily, Sri Lanka is blessed enough to find whales around the country at any time during the year. When it's off season in Mirissa, it's peak season in Trincomalee and vice versa. However, Mirissa is known to be the most popular as you'll be able to see whales and dolphins and most tourists flock to the island during December and January as the climate is much cooler. Do keep in mind that the waters of the Indian Ocean can get quite rough the further you head out to sea. If you're worried about sea sickness, pack some tablets to help prevent the sickness, so it won't ruin your chances of seeing any whales!

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