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Headline for Extraordinary Community Members on AnchorFM App Version 1
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Extraordinary Community Members on AnchorFM App Version 1

A list of *extraordinary people *who've grown into a lovely little community on AnchorFM.

Very useful for when you want to find audio lovers & users - people who know how valuable the human voice is for building trust.
*Our story: *
The audio community we'd come to love for over a year was almost destroyed. Because the company AnchorFM transformed the App from Version 1 to Version 2 - without warning us - without informing us - without trying to help us in any way: almost all of us found ourselves cut off from the audio App we loved so much. It felt to us that a "social medium" had been replaced by a "broadcast medium". And it looked like the Anchor we loved was on its deathbed. We faced real adversity together.
These people stayed on Version 1 of Anchor - "Classic Anchor".
These people clung on. Some even bought a second device to return to V1 from V2.

This is a great story of courage, resilience, commitment & love of our community.

Meet the "wavers"... You are invited to contact any of us - if community-building via audio appeals to you.


Zvi Weiss

Zvi Weiss

Physicist turned "hard core" Computer Scientist. Passionate and opinionated about Software and the Software Development Process. A hacker and computer geek at heart.

Mgon - official linksite:

Tim Ereneta

Twitter: @tereneta
Instagram: tim.ereneta
Breaking the Eggs, a blog on contemporary performance storytelling:
Curates two Tumblr sites:
Story Lab X, videos of storytellers in performance
Storytelling Looks Like This, photos of storytellers in performance


Bernie Goldbach is @topgold on all good social networks.
Elder Blogger since 1997 at and also works with Youth Media Team.
Old Skool Flickr since 2004.
Shares videos on YouTube.
Occasionally creates mobile audiobooms.




Paul O'Mahony - Twitter @omaniblog
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