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Top 5 Things to Do in Lesotho

Lesotho is one of the most beautiful locales within the continent of Africa, and if you're a fan of natural beauty and exquisite landscapes, this is definitely a place worthy of a visit.



The geographical beauty of Lesotho has turned it into a prominent tourist destination and as a result there are many a hotel Maseru Lesotho has to offer from entities such as AVANI Hotels and Resorts. The best way to explore the spectacular mountainous regions of this country is on foot. There terrain is rugged and rough but boasts fulfilling scenery the further you ascend the various cliffs and hills that make up the nation. This is definitely a hiking wonderland. For the finest trails there are many national parks for you to choose from. These protected environments will definitely showcase the best scenery as well as featuring many interesting species that are indigenous to the country.


Horse Riding

To explore the land in a truly adventurous fashion, one has to embark on a horse riding expedition. This is probably the best way to explore the serene and gorgeous environments of Lesotho without tiring yourself out, or having the peaceful atmosphere ruined by screaming engines and the stench of gasoline fumes. The range of horse-riding experiences to choose from is immense. If you are in the mood for a casual excursion there are journeys that last around two hours, but if you want a full blown adventure, you can head out on a week-long voyage. You can also choose between full-size European horses or Javanese ponies. Due to the high demand for horse-riding expeditions, the animals are generally highly trained and one would not require prior experience to ride them. Upon request though, a special guide can be arranged to accompany particularly inexperienced riders.



Incredibly, this is one of the special areas in Africa where you can find plenty of snow as well as one of the continent's few ski resorts and one of only two in all of southern Africa. The resort, Afriski, is situated more than three thousand metres above sea-level, which means it gets pretty cold in such high altitudes. It has the capacity to hold three hundred and twenty people at any given time, and features a kilometre long ski slope, as well as a beginner's run.


Mountain Biking

Especially in regards to younger crowds who are more enticed by adventure, this has become a prevalent manner of tackling the terrain of Lesotho. There are many beautiful routes to choose from that'll take you through Lesotho's spectacular mountain ranges and enable you to witness breath-taking sights during a ride you will definitely cherish for a lifetime.



Easily one of the most adrenaline-fuelled ways to explore the terrain of Lesotho is through of an off-road vehicle such as SUV, an ATV or a motorbike. The demanding routes of Lesotho's highlands will test the nerves and skills of any driver as well as the capabilities of their vehicle since the region contains everything from mountain passes to beautiful river valleys. The weather of Lesotho can also be quite unpredictable which can make an off-road expedition a little bit more exciting.

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