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Cuisine to try in Dubai – Tantalizing things to do

Dubai is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, especially when it comes to various cuisines and delectable dishes that you will most likely eat a lot of during your holiday.



Shawarma is an icon. If you've been to Dubai and not tried the classic Dubai style shawarma, then your holiday is pretty much incomplete. It's best if you book the first flight back to Dubai and simply try their street shawarma. This delicious pita bread that's wonderfully soft wraps a mouth watering concoction of smoked meat, vegetables, French fries and hummus. Street shawarma is authentic and boats of so many flavours that will leave you craving for more! Most Arabic restaurants in malls and food courts also serve up shawarmas, and it's highly recommended that you try them all! Try the local rice dish known as Machboos. Smokey flavoured rice served with grilled chicken and a tomato dip will leave you salivating for more! However if you're looking for a fancy take on an Arabic meal, rumour has it that some hotels such as AVANI Deira Dubai Hotel, serve up some fine local dishes.



As there are many Indian expats in Dubai, it'll come as no surprise that there are plenty of Indian restaurants serving up authentic meals. From butter chicken, palak paneer and garlic naan, the options are endless. You will be able to find budget Indian meals and those at the higher end of the price scale. Restaurants like Ashas, Cafe Funkie Town and Indego by Vineet are some of the more popular places to dine at to enjoy some fine dining Indian food. There are quite a number of budget restaurants around Deira that serve up a nice meal. Therefore, while you're looking for things to do in Deira Dubai, make sure you stop by for a flavour-filled Indian meal.



Pakistani restaurants are as popular as Indian restaurants. Places such as Ravi restaurant and Karachi Darbar Restaurant are usually the favourites here. From spicy kebabs to steaming hot biriyanis that sends your senses spiralling out of control, you must definitely try out Pakistani cuisine in Dubai. Al Ibrahimi Palace is another popular option for dining if you wish to try out authentic Pakistani food. These restaurants are almost always crowded with expats and tourists who simply cannot get enough of the Pakistani flavours.



Are you still surprised at how many different types of cuisine you can find in Dubai? The list is endless. Chinese cuisines, although quite popular in many parts of the world, is truly authentic in Dubai. There are numerous Chinese restaurants of varying budgets that one can enjoy some dimsum, fried rice or a tantalizing seafood dish. Try out the dynamite shrimp at P.F.Changs – Chinese dining at its best – with the dynamite shrimp exploding with flavour in your mouth! For a budget friendly option, try Panda Express or Soy. Hotels in Dubai also serve up their best varieties of Chinese dining and should definitely be on your list of food to try!

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