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Headline for Useful tips to use in Bangkok – Make the most of your holiday
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Useful tips to use in Bangkok – Make the most of your holiday

Travelling abroad can be an exciting yet sometimes tiring task. Here's a compiled list of useful tips when visiting the city that could make your holiday as relaxing as it should be.


Invest in a map

Travelling to an exotic city like Bangkok means that the urge to be travel and 'get lost' is quite high. Invest in a good map of the city. Don't always rely on your phone either as there could be times when Google maps isn't up to date or your phone could be low on battery or you might not have enough data to access the internet. So always carry a map. Though you might feel a bit primitive, a good map will get you places – literally! Trust that you will need the help of a trusty old map to navigate through Bangkok's winding roads, canals and the long road names as well. With so many things to do around Bangkok, your map will be able to spot out the best ways to do each of them while saving you travel time.



Who doesn't love a bit of a bargain? When you're in Bangkok, shopping is definitely one of the main things you need to do in the city. While street shopping, it is common knowledge and has become an accepted practice to bargain with the vendor. However, the local people take offense rather easily, so when you're bargaining for a product, always be nice and polite, and you'll almost always get your asking price! Tourists often find that Bangkok is a true shopper's paradise, as you can find anything and everything, from electronics, designer (replicas obviously) hand bags and shoes, jewellery and so much more.



You can easily get drawn in to the world of shopping while in Bangkok and it could be just as easy to spend all your money on products. One of the easiest ways to lose track of how much you're spending is by being scammed. The number of scammers is equivalent to the number of beach resorts in Thailand. Some of the popular scams are the Tuk Tuk Scam, the 'Grand Palace is closed today' scam and the Khlong Scam. Before getting in to a tuk tuk or a long tail boat to sail along the river, always make sure the prices for the trip are negotiated beforehand. Tuktuks are always fitted with a meter so check if the meter works before you begin your journey. The Grand Palace scam is when a 'helpful' person insists that the Palace is closed and takes you on a rather expensive tour of some other attractions in the city. Be alert when travelling around Bangkok.


Plan ahead

Though we all like to feel like spontaneous trips work out, they don't always, and you end up spending more than you originally planned and wasting more time that you probably don't already have. So before you head to the city, plan out where you want to go, what you need to see, and where you're going to stay. As there are many accommodation options in the city, such as AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel, it might be hard to pick one. Therefore look for the best rates and maybe even consider staying at 2-3 different properties.


Things to carry

As Thailand is a tropical country, weather patterns can get somewhat hot and humid. Always remember to keep yourself properly hydrated especially if you intend on walking and exploring the city. Carry a copy of your passport and a your hotel card which has directions in Thai, this will ensure that even if you can't find your way back, a local will be able to direct you to where you need to go.