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List of things you should bring when you travel to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has become a widely popular tourism destination and is renowned for its tropical climate, stunning beaches and profound heritage.


Multiple Swim-Suits/Swim-Wear

If you're staying in one of the many famous Sri Lankan resorts such as the Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort, you might be compelled to take a dip in the sea a few times a day so it could be an unsavoury experience to put on a wet swim-suit once you've already used it. A great way to solve this would be to have some extra swim-wear so you can change into a fresh dry outfit.


Some Sort of Sun-Protection

The climate of Sri Lanka can be very sunny, and as a result quite hot. It would be highly recommended to pack some sort of UV cream to prevent sun-burn because the island has a lot to explore. If you decide to head towards the south-eastern coast there will be many things to do in Galle, Sri Lanka. Sun-glasses are also a definite essential but if you have photo-chromic glasses you will be fine. Items such as hoodies won't do since the climate is incredibly humid. Hats on the other hand will be definitely of use, along with items such as lip-balms since burnt lips can be incredibly painful.


First-Aid Kit

If you're planning to have an adventure then you should definitely prepare yourself for a few injuries. Sri Lanka has an incredible range of places to explore, from tropical beaches, historic monuments to national parks with lush jungle terrain. Regardless of whether you chose not to embark on a particularly adventurous voyage, it is always best to be prepared for injury. If you're not used to the hot sun, ibuprofen or aspirin will go a long way in relieving headaches and would even provide some relief to pain related to sun-burns. It'll be also good to have some sort of anti-diarrheal or gastritis medicine such as Daigene in case you're unable to handle the spicy food. Lastly, never forget to carry a pack of band-aids.


Prepare for Rain

Sri Lanka is a tropical country so it rains quite regularly and at times unexpectedly. When it comes to protecting yourself it's always good to have a small umbrella handy for moments such as these. Sometimes an umbrella can only provide limited protection, so it's best to supplement it with a light water-proof jacket. Its best to carry all your belongings in a waterproof back-pack as well since heavy rainfall can easily cause water to seep in. Electronic devices in particular should be very well looked after, along with important travel documents. Zip-locks are highly recommended to use in order to keep your documents safe. They can also be used to store smart-phones should be exposed to heavy rainfall during your adventure.


Don't Overpack

If your baggage is overweight you will literally have to pay for it. Most things you intend to pack would generally be available in Sri Lanka, so you can easily purchase them within the island. Medication, food-stuffs, even beauty products can be found here, making it unnecessary for you to utilise precious luggage space.

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