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Updated by Bailey Baumann on Mar 31, 2017
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It's GENEius!

Here are some helpful links and resources to learn more about the basics of genetics.

Heredity: Crash Course Biology #9

Description: This video covers all the main points of heredity. It summarizes how traits are passed down and how genes work.

Rationale: I chose this video because it is visually appealing, it keeps students attention, and it summarizes information in a way that makes sense to kids.

Khan Academy: Punnett Squares and Probability

Description: This article goes into detail on the topic of Punnett squares and discusses probability.

Rationale: I chose this article because it heavily discusses a difficult topic and provides practice to ensure deep understanding.


Genotype vs. Phenotype

Genotype vs. Phenotype

Description: This image provides an example of the difference between a phenotype and a genotype.

Rationale: I used this image because it provides a visual aid for students to come back to for clarification while also incorporating several other terms from this unit.


Punnett Square Examples

Punnett Square Examples

Description: This image provides several examples of possible punnett squares.

Rationale: I chose this image because it provides an example of several punnett squares for students to use as a reference.

Description: This video describes who Gregor Mendel was and how his work won him the title of "The Father of Genetics"

Rationale: I chose this video because it gives details on an important figure in genetics and also is visually pleasing for kids.

Gregor Mendel

Description: This article includes a brief biography of Gregor Mendel as well as the summary of his work that is so important to genetics still today.

Rationale: I chose this article because it describes key laws of genetics in a different way to help kids better understand them.

Genes and Disease

Description: Genes and Disease is a collection of articles that discuss genes and the diseases that they cause.

Rationale: I chose this article because it shows specific information on genes.

What is genotype? What is phenotype?

Description: This article is a brief summary of what a genotype and phenotype are.

Rationale: I chose this video because it provides specific information on genes.

An Overview of the Human Genome Project

Description: This article describes the study of the human genome and gives a brief overview of the human genome project.

Rationale: I chose this video because it provides specific and interesting research on our topic.

Description: This is an interactive timeline of the history of genetics research from Gregor Mendel to The Humane Genome Project

Rationale: I chose this link because it is visually pleasing.