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Updated by Alissa Po on May 09, 2017
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10 Songs You Should Listen To

Most people are listening to songs from 2017 or 2016, but what about the songs we stopped listening to because they were forgotten? Here's a list of 10 songs that you may never have heard before or just have forgotten about

Breaking Benjamin

Diary of Jane Acoustic and Lyrics Breaking Benjamin Enjoy!
Against the Current not your scene? Well here's Breaking Benjamin! The lyrics are quite soothing if you're listening to the acoustic version of it. Breaking Benjamin is an American rock band.


Paralyzed by Against the Current

Paralyzed by Against the Current

Against the Current isn't well-known on the radio but on Youtube and other social media devices these guys are legends. Here's a sample of their song "Paralyzed".

Stereo Hearts Lyrics

"Stereo Hearts" is an old classic from 2011. Maroon 5 along with Gym Class Heroes is the perfect combination! If you remember jamming out to them, then you'll certainly enjoy this song again.

We the kings - Check Yes Juliet

Not into the classics? Well here's a band that not many people know of. We the Kings is another American rock band. Their songs are quite catchy and the lyrics are quite inspiring in a way. Soon you'll be bobbing your head along with the music and listen to why this band is just for you!

The Great Escape Lyrics

Boys like Girls - The Great Escape
This band is an American pop rock band. Formed in 2005, many people have forgotten them but most will remember. If you don't listen to the song and experience the feelings it gives. A sense of freedom and rebellious is quite fitting for this song.


Daughtry is an American rock band who is named after the lead singer, Chris Daughtry. The song " Waiting for Superman" would make you wanna dance and frolic around. The powerful lyrics and rhythm would put you in a trance you'll never want to get out of.

Angel With A Shotgun - the Cab

Do you remember the Cab? The american rock band that got you shaking in your seat every time they played in the radio.They were the need to know band back in 2008. Take a crack at it see how you like it.

Panic At The Disco The Ballad Of Mona Lisa Lyrics

Remember the most iconic song, " I Write Sins, Not Tragedies" ?

Stand in the Rain - Superchick [Lyrics]

Want something more emotional and heartfelt? Here's Superchick and their song "Stand In The Rain"
Superchick was originally an American Christian alternative pop/ rock band. They range from pop, punk, rock, rap and R&B.

Hero - Superchick [w/lyrics]

"Hero" by Superchick will either make you cry or make you want to change the world for better. The lyrics puts an inspirational feel in the listener and can really connect with everyone in every way. Listen to it and see how it changes you- for the better of course.