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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Things to take when climbing Sigiriya Rock – It's Always Good to be Prepared!

Got a climb up Sri Lanka's UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sigiriya Rock ahead of you? Here are some supplies that might come in handy on your way up.


Shield Your Eyes

Being a tropical island near the equator, Sri Lanka is as sunny as it gets (outside of a desert of course). In places like Sri Lanka, the sun is much stronger than in regions such as northern Europe. So the sun can be quite glaring to the eyes when outdoors, especially when you are hiking up a structure such as an ancient rock fortress in the sky (FYI: you've just been introduced to one of this attraction's alternative names – Sigiriya Rock; the Fortress in the Sky). So, for the sake of all that's good for those two glorious eyeballs attached to your skull which grace you with 20/20 vision, please don't leave your sunglasses back at the hotel. Also, do make sure that you've got a good pair of shades on for this little excursion, and not one of the cheap pairs that offer style but not protections. If you haven't already, spend a little dough on a pair of polarised sunglass lenses that will adequately shield you from harmful UV rays as well as ones that reduce the overhead glare from the sun sufficiently.


Block out Those Rays

Your eyes are obviously not the only things that need to be shielded from the sun. One of your biggest concerns should be how to safeguard your body's biggest living organ from the harmful effects of the sun's rays. One way of protecting your skin would be by wearing light coloured, breathable clothing that covers most of your body. However, this may not be ideal considering the heat and humidity of the country. The other option is, of course, the liberal application of sunscreen. Apply generous amounts of sunblock a while before the trip out to Sigiriya Rock, as advised by the label on your product, and carry it with you so that you can reapply it at regular intervals. This is necessary as you will work up a sweat climbing up all the stairs. Do make sure that your sunblock is appropriate for your skin type. For example, the fairer your skin is the higher SPF you will need due to the relatively lower level of melanin in your skin, and vice versa.


In Case You Have a Buzzin' Good Time

Occasionally, there have been reports about large stinger bees in the vicinity of Sigiriya Rock. The appearances of the hives seem to occur during certain months of the year, which local experts have suggested correlate with the dry season. Nevertheless, no matter which season you are in Sigiriya during, in the almost exact words of good old George, of the Jungle, do make sure you watch out for those bees! If you are known to be allergic to bee stings, make sure to carry antihistamine tablets with you that you can take in case of an unfortunate event. Those who know that they are seriously allergic to bee stings are better off carrying an EPI pen with them if the doctor has prescribed one on previous occasions. Also handy to have on you, would be some quick remedies to take the bite out of the sting, such as a small tube of honey, a vial of apple cider vinegar or a wetted aspirin tablet.


Lest You See a Mirage at the Summit

The most obvious has been saved for last. Ensure that you and your group carry sufficient water supplies between you to avoid getting stranded at the top, tired, parched and with no water. Adding to that the harshness of the hot rays of the sun beating down on your weathered brow, you really might start to see a mirage of some sort pertaining to a nice, refreshing glass (or vat, quite possibly, at this point), of cool water. If you happen to be residing at one of the Sri Lanka resorts in the region such as Heritance Kandalama or any other, you could bring your water from there. If you would rather not lug around the water, however, remember to bring change money to buy bottled water at the little shops that can be found in and around the attraction.