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A list of resources to use when researching the book Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott.

Flatland: The Movie - Official Trailer

The official trailer for the new animated adventure - Flatland: The Movie.
This resource lets the students see and have a better idea of what happens in the book. The book can be a little confusing so this will help the students in a small way understand the book better.

Flatland, by A. Square - Books on Google Play

This site gives the students free access to the book. This way they will not have to pay to get the book or wait until another student finishes to read the book. It will also make it easier for them to find certain sections of the book faster.

The Death of Flatland - Generation Play Magazine

This site focuses on how Flatland relates to our modern life.
The author of this article relates the ideas in Flatland to modern technology. This will give the students a resource to connect this very old book to their new modern, very technical world.

Flatland: Understanding Multiple Dimensions From Our Third Dimensional Perspective

This site focuses on the ideas of the dimensions in the book.
It would allow for more information or teaching on how the different dimensions work in the story. It will aide in the understanding of why the dimensions are the way they are.

Flatland and its sequel bring the math of higher dimensions to the silver screen

This website focuses on the sequel to the movie.
This site talks more about the sequel to Flatland and give us an idea of what happens next. This would be a fun resource for after the fact research. The students would be able to explore the next stage of the story.

A Forgivably Flat Classic

This is an article that talks more about the book itself and the ideas presented in the story.
This resource can aide in the student understanding, because the author has provided a good reflection of what is behind the main ideas of the story. It also talks about Abbott and his writing style that will help the students see why some of his ideas are so different from ours.

Khan Academy

Learn geometry for free—angles, shapes, transformations, proofs, and more.
This resource will help students review what define the shapes used in this story and will help them better understand some of the ideas presented in the book.


Flatland Vision

Flatland Vision

This photo gives and example of vision in Flatland.
This will give the students a visual on how the residents of Flatland see each other. It attempts to show how and why it is like this.


Understanding other dimensions - Flatland

This is a fun and short video that focuses on the concept of a 2D world.
This will help students that need a more visual aide to learn. It gives them something to actually see and listen to instead of having to imagine the ideas in their heads. It also expands a little bit on the idea of the 2D world.


This site has the audio recording of the book.
This will help the students hear the story in a different way. They will be able to hear a different tone of voice and how the mood changes throughout the book.


Flatland Homes

Flatland Homes

This photo shows how the homes in Flatland are set up. This will help the students see how the shapes live in their homes and how the different rooms are.