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My Top 5 Fitness Inspiration Idols

If the arrival of Spring means one thing, it’s that Summer is right around the corner and I’m still trying to get into shape. I should be hitting the gym, or the treadmill in a last-ditch attempt to work off some of Christmas’ lingering weight before the sun comes out. However instead of that, I’m going to procrastinate and tell you about my fitness inspiration idols, who are great at exacerbating my muscular inadequacies.

Cristiano Ronaldo

He has to be on the list really, doesn’t he? He might be the most Marmite man in football, and a far more impressive Tom Daley impersonator than Messi is, but that doesn’t dent the admiration I have for the man.

Firstly, Ronaldo is in unbelievable shape (and he knows it). In fact, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that Cristiano is allergic to trousers, if you were to view his social media accounts.

Secondly, Ronaldo has an infectious work ethic. Former United teammate Rio Ferdinand is famously quoted as saying “Everybody who slags Ronaldo off is actually doing him a favour. He almost needs to have people saying Messi is better.” Ronaldo was always the first to arrive at training, even before Sir Alex Ferguson – and last to leave.

Former teammates even reported that he could be seen on the training ground doing step-overs with weights attached to his legs long after they had all showered.

Bradley Martyn

Bradley Martyn is a former competing bodybuilder, and full time- classically handsome fitness coach. You might have come across him at some point on YouTube, where he has a considerable following. His combined social media following brings him to around 6 million followers.

Bradley comes across incredibly well, and is noticeably enormous. Not a day has gone by where he hasn’t updated his Instagram with a picture of him in the gym, curling the equivalent weight of everyone you knew back at university.

Hannah Cockroft

Hannah Cockroft is a five-time gold medal recipient who was triumphant at both the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Paralympic games. Hannah suffered from two cardiac arrests when she was born and was consequently left with physically deformed legs, feet and suffered with very poor balance.

Hannah’s parents were told she wouldn’t live past being a teenager. At 24, and holding world records for each of her disciplines in wheelchair racing, Hannah is an inspiration.

Hannah has also gone one step further by openly condemning both Adidas and Nike for their refusal to sponsor her kit, on the grounds that she wouldn’t be wearing footwear. Hannah has since established 17 Sports Management Limited, which aims to represent disabled athletes.

Chris Hoy Wins Mens Sprint - London World Cup 2012

From one Olympic hero, to another. Chris Hoy represents one of my favourite hobbies; cycling. Though my friends and I are more accustomed to riding the South Downs on our carbon fibre road bikes than winning gold in an Olympic velodrome, that doesn’t mean I can’t look up to Chris when I pedal my way along the seafront cycle lane.

Chris Hoy won his final Olympic goal in the Keirin back at London 2012, which made him the most successful British Olympian of all time (at the age of 37!). The shape Chris is in, in his forties is absolutely unbelievable. I can only hope to look half that good when I’m in my early thirties!

Gavin Reid

Gavin is a little different from your typical fitness inspiration, so here’s a bit of back story. It’s no secret if you’ve read my blog, that sailing is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. Gavin Reid is a sailor who was born almost entirely deaf, and had no prior sailing experience before taking part in a 40,000-nautical mile round-the-world yacht race.

Mid-way through the race, Gavin’s yacht received an SOS call from a nearby boat returning from another race. Gavin volunteered to swim across to the stranded vessel and climb the mast to free a sailor who had been tangled in the lines for nine hours.

After two hours of untangling, and the subsequent rescuing of four other sailors, Gavin managed to swim back to his yacht. Gavin has since been named Yachtsman of the Year, beating Olympic gold winning Giles Scott. Gavin showed us all the importance of sport, and bravery.

He might not be in the shape that Ronaldo is, but that doesn’t make him any less inspirational.