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Updated by Paul Hugh O'Mahony on Jun 20, 2021
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Social Media Platforms - human business works - Chris Brogan ideas

A List of Audioboos - specially recorded series - in which Roger Overall @rogeroverall & Paul O'Mahony (Cork) @omaniblog hold a conversation inspired by @chrisbrogan.

Recorded in the cafe of @blackrockcastle Observatory - one of Cork's most wonderful visitor attractions & learning centres.

From 10:30 - 15:45 the conversation hardly stopped.

Starting conversation

No 1:
@rogeroverall & @omaniblog using @chrisbrogan ideas in a series - a working meeting




@rogeroverall & me in a series

Dissecting @chrisbrogan thinking about social media platforms

#broganplatform @chrisbrogan @omaniblog

Midday with @chrisbrogan

About midday #broganplatform

20 minutes exactly (stops in mid sentence)

Part No 6

Over lunch #broganplatform

Part No 7

Here you hear the conversation move on to :
Instagram, @garyV, #newyorkjets (his target), video, social media business, writing, audio, photographs.

The key point we flagged up is this : find "your way" - we highlighted Frank Sinatra "My Way" - crowd sourced a question, excluding Wikipedia.

This led on to poetry - how to become a poet, Cyprus, holiday - the importance of intention... Blog, forum & comments - the value of not addressing the masses - challenging, being personal, building community.
Alistair Cooke, radio, "Letter from America" - a mentality...

We gave shutout for @cubanfoodblog by Tanja Buwalda - the value of having an audience in mind - like grandchildren - story of 2005 start to blogging, daughter, teenagers...

Intimacy, conversation, secrets - special focus on @chrisbrogan big secret advice...
Honour, privilege , facilitator, power - all mentioned...

Audioboo @audioboo, @markrock CEO - becoming a "media company".

Big focus on what a concierge does... The value of email especially emails of a particular type- suggestion.
Steve Jobs, Bill Liao (Kinsale Ireland @coderdojo backer) both mentioned.

Subscribe, debate..

We reached 14:35 in the day

Part No 8

About 15:00
We had an accident - wiped out 16 minutes of conversation - so re-wound our minds & re-addressed the end of Chris's email...
Audioboo, social media & a "media company"...
How a magazine works, its audience, the niche market, editor, concierge... Leading on to "customised value" & "personalised value" - with passing reference to food, tastes, content - with big shout out for Chris Brogan behaviour on "extreme responsiveness" (Chris tweeted us during the conversation).

The Dinah Liversidge (@dinahliversidge) story - how Richard Branson responded to wheelchair disaster, conference, flying, Virgin Atlantic, fury, ansaphone, UK, speed...

Mitch Joel story... "6 Pixels of Separation", Toronto, Montreal, @smarteregg Aodan Enright, Skype call... The impact, encouraging

Jane Boyd, human, approachable & Chris Brogan style of inviting people to "say hello"...

Austin Powers, Star Wars, The Phantom Menace...

Call to Action ... Michael Hyatt (we bought his book after conversation) ... Led on to chat about "the stinky book" as opposed to "the sticky book" - we suggested "The Impact Equation" could be re-titled "The Stinky Book - the impact equation" - Hashtag chat #tie #theimpactequation - book title - publisher - printing deadline - book selling in October (when @julien & @chrisbrogan book will be launched in North America)

Big recommendation for "The Flinch" - mug-smashing - end of procrastination...

Chat about "Free", courage, wisdom, mistake & responsible act.

"Trust Agent" gets mention

"Subscribe now" considered

"thanks" features

We end promising to discuss the name of Chris Brogan's company in our final part.

15:35 approx.

Naming a business - Finale

#broganplatform - All about Company Name - Human Business Works - & expressing gratitude from @rogeroverall & @omaniblog

After conversation - you can do it

#broganplatform - reflecting afterwards on what we did - thinking how easy it was - and how we can all "create" valuable content & share it - special thanks to Roger Overall & Chris Brogan


Social Media

Social Media