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This is a list of sources that will be used in the ThingLink Project that are about the topic of ragtime music.

Style Sheets

Description: This is a website that gives that basics of what ragtime is. It explains in detail the kinds of musical elements you will see in all ragtime music.
Rationale: This website clearly links ragtime to jazz which is important to understand. Jazz came from ragtime and is a very important genre in America.

History of Ragtime [article]

Description: This is a very thorough article about the history of ragtime. This is also from the Library of Congress so it seems that this information is all accurate.
Rationale: It is important for the students to understand how music has progressed through the years. Ragtime music is a very important genre that is worthy of study.

Scott Joplin- Stoptime Rag

Performed by Benjamin Loeb
Description: This is a rag written by Scott Joplin, a Missouri native. This rag is not as famous as some such as the Entertainer or Maple Leaf Rag which is why this rag was selected.
Rationale: It is good to expose students to other rags than just the ones typically heard. It is also very important to let students hear examples of musical genres when we are studying them.

What Is Ragtime? - YouTube

The pianist and scholar Terry Waldo takes you through the history and styles of Ragtime in this Jazz Academy video! Find out what made Ragtime a truly unique...
Decription: A pianist describes the history of ragtime music and also plays some examples throughout the video.
Rationale: It is helpful to have a different person explain some of the concepts of ragtime instead of just relying on the students to read articles. Students tend to respond more positively from watching videos.

Blue Goose Rag (Frank LiVolsi, pianist)

This is my improved version of Blue Goose Rag, written in 1916 by Charles Johnson (under the name of "Raymond Birch").
Description: This is a video of someone playing a very fun rag called "Blue Goose Rag." This is a song that has been transcribed for band. It is good to hear the original that many students probably have not heard before.
Rationale: This is a rag that was not written by Scott Joplin which is important. It is good to hear rags from other composers also as well as Scott Joplin. This song is also being performed live while it was recorded so the students can get a feel for the messy/jazzy way that rags are supposed to sound as opposed to a MIDI device playing the rag- which is seen in a lot of YouTube videos.

Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag/A Ragtime Timeline

Joplin was the decisive ragtime composer, the one whose musical imagination gave ragtime its finest expression. And in the Maple Leaf Rag (named for a short-lived Sedalia social club), he gave the genre its iconic masterpiece. It was also ragtime's biggest hit. Pictures, audio.
Description: This link gives a specific timeline of when ragtime music was popular and specifically, when Scott Joplin's rags came out and how they were received.
Rationale: This link shows the lasting impact that rags have had on the music industry and how they are still relevant today.

Sedalia's Ragtime Heritage

Description: This link includes information about Sedalia, MO's annual ragtime festival that they hold every summer. On the website is some interesting information about why ragtime music is still important as well as Scott Joplin's importance in the musical world.
Rationale: The existence of this event every year proves that many people travel far to come and participate in a ragtime festival every summer. This also may be something that the students may be interested in attending since it is so close to us! This would give them an inside look on rags!

Piano Styles—Ragtime to Boogie-Woogie

The tenth edition musical journey through styles and history of jazz. With a strong emphasis on listening and an outstanding photo program, Jazz offers an insider’s view of the most important music, artists, clubs, and precursors in jazz history. Plus personal accounts by major players.
Description: This link provides information to the students about the kinds of genres that ragtime has specifically inspired.
Rationale: We still see elements of ragtime in many genres of music that are popular today. This list gives students a look into which genres were directly influenced from ragtime.

Ragtime Piano : SCOTT JOPLIN . " The Entertainer " (1902) Complete ragtime, jazz & blues guitar repertoire. Scott Joplin (1868-1917) " The Entertainer " on a piano roll
Description: This is one of Scott Joplin's most famous works, "The Entertainer."
Rationale: I'm sure many students recognize this work and this will give them something to connect to. Once they hear that this song is an example of ragtime, they will most likely be able to understand more clearly what ragtime music sounds like. It is good for students to hear the kinds of songs that Scott Joplin wrote.

Wondering What 'Ragtime' Is? Here's the Answer

A description of ragtime music, including its characteristics, origins, and a list of prominent composers including Scott Joplin and James Scott.
Description: This link is a general overview that tells when ragtime came into existence and also gives many composers that composed ragtime music.
Rationale: This list of composers is especially helpful because it gives students specific composers they could look further into.