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Essai makes college admissions educational and engaging. We help Indian students navigate the US college application process. Using creative and non-traditional methods, we offer instruction for the ACT and assistance in crafting personal essays.

A Comprehensive Guide for the SAT Exam

Ideally, you should start preparing for the same in your last year of school where you have been acquainted with most of the reading and reasoning material. You can also join leading institutes such as ESSAI for best SAT prep classes.

Taking up SATs this year, and worried how to ace them in one shot? Just like the abundance of help books in this industry, there are tons of tips and tricks out there on internet that will end up confusing you on what to follow.

5 best ways to prep for the ACT

The best way to prepare for any foreign admission tests including the ACT is to enroll with institutions that specialize in guiding students preparing for competitive examinations for admissions abroad. For example :- Essai Education provides best ACT prep guidance to all students preparing for this exam.

6 Tips to Ace the ACT Examination

Many students who have attempted ACT more than once have always complained about increasing level of difficulty. To combat this issue, you need to change the way you study for an examination.

SAT Test: 101

The SAT, taken in the English language, totals duration of 3 to 4 hours. The SAT basically assesses how well the test takers analyze and solve problems – skills that they should have mastered when in school and will need in college.

Give wings to your dream to study U.S

There is an optional Writing Test also included recently to it. It can be opted online or in paper format, as suited by the student. All four-year colleges and universities of U.S accept ACT, but different institutes have different ways of assessment determining other factors of evaluation like class rank, extracurricular activities and GPA.

Easy tips to prep for SATs

If you are keen about studying in United States, SAT is one of the most pertinent tests that one has to take. To be prepared for it is a task but can be managed when you know some tips.

Tips for ACT practice test

The ACT is a standardized test taken by high school students for college admissions in the United States. Earlier it was known as the American College Test, but now only as the ACT. It mainly comprises 4 sections on which a candidate is tested (English, Mathematics, Reading, Science Reasoning) with an optional writing section that was later included in the test format.

Take ACT test to build a successful career

The test assesses a student’s aptitude on subjects, primarily English, Science, and Mathematics. It accurately gauges the student’s knowledge and reasoning skills and a good score can add a lot of weight to a candidate’s profile.

How to Prepare Effectively for the ACT Examination

Undoubtedly study material is important for any examination, but the way of studying and preparing is integral. ACT is another such examination that needs discipline more than guides.

Test tips for SATs

It is a given that when you are preparing for an important test, you work really hard. It takes a handful of smart tips and approaches to ace that exam. Different tests have dissimilar standards that need full power preparation.

Tips to find yourself best Overseas Education Consultant

There are many procedures and undertakings that need to be taken care of during the process. While opting for overseas education is the best self-investment plans, the best step is to seek overseas education consultants.

Make your dream of studying in the US come true

If you feel taking professional help will make you fair better than don’t hesitate to go ahead. You can also take ACT Training for college admissions in the US. Remember motivation and dedication is the key to achieving success. So be at it.

Most of the students end up getting swamped in thousands of help books that manage to bog their morale down, lest making them learn something valuable. In such a situation, it is always better to trick your mind to do smart work than hard work, and follow some tips for effective preparation.

5 effective tips to prepare for SAT

If you are someone who’s been aiming to study in United States, then SATs are considered as one of the most prime tests. To begin with, if you prepare well for it by taking brilliant SAT coaching, then you know you are on the right path.

Simple tips to ace that SAT exam

Different tests have varied demands that require preparation in full power. For many young individuals, SATs is a common test that you have to give if applying to foreign colleges. You can take SAT practice tests at institutes like Essai who help you to prepare holistically. So squeeze in some time for practicing. Brush up on your knowledge and keep your mind active.

Choosing the right college abroad

Choosing the right colleges/institutions can be as hard as the entrance exams. But, as the “world is getting smaller”, a number of companies and organizations have emerged to help with the application process to SAT coaching. These companies improve your personal statements and essays which assist your profile to get in your desired course.

Tips for drafting your personal statement

A personal statement is one of the most important documents you’ll submit with your application. Apart from the SAT coaching classes, take enough time to draft an acceptable personal statement.

Guidelines to prepare for an ACT exam

ACT, which stands short for American College Test, is a standardized college test that helps applicants to compare different schools according to their personal test score. Like SATs, this test is slowly gaining equal popularity in India.

Ace your SAT/ACT test with these tips

There are two standardized tests for getting admission in an American university—SATs and ACTs. Both the tests are quite challenging and difficult to crack but with right preparation, they can be nailed easily.

Why to take the SAT?

The first thing to take care of while applying for a college Sat Preparation, Best Sat Tutoringring well on the SAT has certain valuable advantages.

Five Reasons Why Studying Abroad Is Legitimate

Studying abroad isn’t a task anymore, but has gained much economical approach to it. Breaking the notion about only rich kids going out to study, our country is advancing in many levels.

Few tips to nail your SAT test

Every college has different SAT score cut offs and you should study accordingly to get admission in your dream college. Take advice from your peers and overseas education consultants to know what all you need to do get admission in the college of your choice.

We’ve listed a couple of tips you can follow on the night before your exam to make sure you give your best performance. Go through the link to know more.

Here is what you need to do before taking SAT exam

SAT exam is not that difficult to crack but right timing and preparation are important to get good marks. In case you are having your SAT exam the very next day, here is what all you need to do. Go through the link to know more.