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Stacie Erdman

Extremely pleased with this program! Mr. Musilek & 
Mr. B are extremely thorough and do their best to be sure that these kids 
are going to be safe on the road. I had high anxiety about having a teen 
driver, but when my daughter drove I noticed that she was always cautious, 
careful and attentive. She really takes driving seriously and I believe it 
is due to this program. Proud to say that she passed her road test, being 
only one point away from a perfect score. The examiner even commented that 
she was a great driver. Highly recommend!


Goldie Stacey

My Son Jordan just finished the Classroom Drivers Ed, and he Loved it. Mr. 
Musliek is an excellent Teacher. I hope when Isaac turns 15 1/2 you will 
have your contract at Badger High School so I will not have to travel to 
Westosha for his Classroom drivers ed. I always talk very highly of you, 
when I am in the office at Badger High School. I truly believe you are an 
Awesome Teacher, Thank you for everything you have done for Jordan. He has 
truly learned about being a safe driver!


Kendra Carlson

Good morning! I just want to share a conversation that Kade and I had on the 
way home from class last night. He started the conversation by saying every 
teacher should be like you. When I asked why he said because you really care 
and you want the kids to do well. He also said you joke around and tell wild 
stories but you are very serious and don't take crap. (His words not mine.) 
He compared you to Mr Morrow, his engineering teacher, at Wilmot. Even 
though it is a tough class (he's getting a c-) he has always looked forward 
to going to his class. This is when I spoke up and said that you are both 
passionate about what you teach and that shows in the way you educate the 
kids. It was so great to hear how excited he was and I just want to thank 
you for being the type of teacher you are. I teach first graders and know 
the importance of being passionate about what and who you teach. Thanks 
again for being that for the kids! I also appreciate the communication 
through emails. I have found that as my boys get older, teachers communicate 
less and less. Thanks for taking the extra time to keep parents in the loop!
Sent on: 13 March, 2016


Kate Husenica

I thought that it was a VERY good class, if you 
studied, took good notes, and paid attention in class it was fairly easy. 
What was hard was learning how to think a completely different way, and 
learning to think entirely outside the box. Overall, there wasn't a single 
thing that didn't help us become very good defensive drivers.
Sent on: 8 December, 2015


Karen Smith

Both my daughters took your course and passed the 
driving test the first time. We were happily surprised that one of them even 
passed without any errors! Impressive! They enjoyed the classroom portion of 
the course as well as behind-the-wheel. Thank you for making this service 
Sent on: 5 January, 2016


Erik Mast

Hi, I was in your class about a year ago and wanted to say thanks. Its thanks to you and you class that I made it to college without anything against my license or ever being pulled over. (Even when driving amongst thousands of stone and drunk concert goers.) I can honestly say that it prepared me way more than I thought it would and even though it was a thoughts class than the alternatives, it was worth every second. A huge thanks, Erik Mast
Sent on: 13 September, 2015


Carlie Banchi

This is the best class around. Mr. Musilek is an amazing teacher. He worked with my crazy schedule to make sure I got the proper driving time and did well. He is very tough, but new drivers need that type of teacher in order to be safe. I am so thankful I went here. Driving may not be my favorite thing to do, but I definitely feel much safer. Thank you so much Mr. Musilek!!!
Sent on: 6 September, 2015


Caroline Katzer

Alan Musilek spent about 45-60 minutes on the phone answering all my questions about the teen driver ed course.  I was so impressed I cancelled the 5 Star course we had already signed up for.  After reading through the Defensive Driving Specialists website and the information we received when we signed the contract, I was even more impressed.  His credentials and training are really good.  His method of teaching defensive driving and not just how to drive is what I want for my son.  My son will be driving for the rest of his life, so what he learns now is really important.  I am glad I took the time to call Alan.  I would rather my son learn as much as he can about driving and not just the basics.  I would recommend anybody getting ready to sign up their teen to a driver's ed program to at least call and find out about Alan's program.


Leighann Chambers

I am very impressed with defensive driving specialists attention to detail. That they take their job seriously, expect the students to pay attention dedicate themselves to the task at hand and take away all that the instructors are willing to teach.


Brenna Strandberg

I recently took this class, and it was such a learning experience. Mr. Musilek does an amazing job teaching the class and the behind the wheel portion. The class was a lot of work, but all of the studying and practice pays off. I learned so much from the class and I feel very confident driving now. Mr.Musilek makes the class fun but serious at the same time. I enjoyed it a lot, and I recommend it to any student driver.


Kyle Toppel

I just wanted to say thank you to Mr. B. for being such an awesome BTW instructor. We had a lot of fun driving and it was a really good experience. Sorry I didn't get to this earlier Mr. B. I kind of forgot haha. I just want to say thank you for teaching is the right way to drive, and thank you Mr. Musilek for being such a great teacher.


Barbara Mills

Our daughter, Erica Mills, participated in your Driver's Education class in September 2014. She received her driver's license today! Her ability to be a "defensive" driver spared an accident during her driving test. The DMV staff member was impressed. Much of that is due to your influence and the course. We thank you.


Marina Anderson

I recently took this class in the fall. It taught me so much. I thought that I was a good driver without the class, but I was wrong. It really pushed me to do the best that I could. I would definitely recommend this class to new drivers. I am now a proud and safe driver on the road thanks to Mr. Musilek.


Lauren Daniels

As you get older and closer to receiving your license, people will tell you all the time what a big responsibility driving is, but I never really took those comments seriously until I had class and behind the wheel with Mr. Musilek. He made me realize that when I drive, I hold the life of myself and of everyone around me in my hands. He is also the most knowledgeable person I know regarding driving. Not only is he knowledgeable, but you will be able to tell from the moment you set foot into his classroom that he genuinely cares about every single one of his students and he takes his job very seriously. I am extremely grateful to him, because he has made me a very confident and aware driver. I'm so glad to have learned from the best in the business! So if you are reading this and trying to decide between driving schools, the search is over. Pick Defensive Driving!!


Krystle Halcom

My daughter just finished the classroom part of this class& will be doing behind the wheel soon. She recently got her permit& I could not be more pleased with what a cautious& smart driver she is already!!! It proves that she was taught well in class!! Thank you Mr. M for caring about the kids you teach!! You teach them the seriousness of being responsible behind the wheel!! I appreciate that more than words can explain!! I WILL definitely be recommending your school to EVERYONE I know!!! Thank you again.


Paige Nicikowski

So this class was really helpful, in just the few weeks I have been driving it has saved me from 3 car accidents. Mr. M is a funny guy but he gets to the point, listen in his class and be a sponge absorb what he has to say so you can apply it on the road and not only save your life but others as well.



Your Reference Details Drivers Ed. was a great experience for me. At first I was pretty nervous about the class and driving, but this program is absolutely wonderful. While the whole class was very educational and time consuming, it went by very fast and was an enjoyable time. I looked forward to going to class every night and learned so much. I am grateful for this course and how Mr. Muselik teaches. I definitely recommend this to anyone, even if they already have taken a Drivers Ed. course.

Sent on: 30 January, 2017